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How to Watch NFL in Brunei [Free Stream | 2023-24]

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


The time of the year has arrived and the 104th season of the National Football League (NFL) officially started on September 7, 2023,

There will be several weeks of live NFL action and the league will finally get its champion in the Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024.

If you live in Brunei and are a devoted NFL fan, you can watch the NFL through premium services like DAZN, FuboTV, and SlingTV

Only Dazn officially broadcasts the NFL via NFL Game Pass International in Brunei. However, US-based streaming services would require a VPN to unblock them.

Free streaming methods are also mentioned in the blog. However, it is necessary to hide your online activity via a VPN.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN available on the internet today. It bypasses the geo-restrictions on blocked services and hides your streaming activity if you opt for free methods.

ExpressVPN offers 3 Months Free with a 12-month plan ($6.67/mo). It is also backed up by a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

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How to Watch NFL in Brunei for Free

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option to watch the NFL in Brunei, free streaming websites are the best option. They stream all the live games including the Super Bowl free of cost.

You can access these websites on your device browser. However, don’t forget to hide your identity via ExpressVPN as these websites are unlicensed and you may face legal consequences.

Follow the simple steps below to watch the NFL in Brunei via free websites:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Go to OR and click on 24/7 Channels.


Step 3: Search for NFL Network and click on it.


Step 4: Enjoy Streaming!


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Premium Ways to Watch NFL in Brunei 

Premium services are the best to stream the game in HD quality. Brunei has just one official service that broadcasts the NFL games. 

However, you can also opt for US-based streaming services and unblock them via a VPN like ExpressVPN in Brunei to enjoy the game.

You can stream the NFL in Brunei via the premium platforms mentioned below:



DAZN is the only official broadcaster of the NFL in Brunei. It is a live sports streaming service that is an official distributor of the NFL Game Pass International (GPI) in 200+ countries, including Brunei. 

With GPI you can enjoy preseason games, every regular season, postseason games, and playoffs including the Super Bowl, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone. 

Prices of Game Pass vary for every country. You can get an NFL Game Pass subscription on its own or you can get it with the DAZN subscription for $9.99/mo.

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2. FuboTV


Our top recommendation for watching live NFL games online in Brunei is FuboTV. It is an American streaming service available in Canada, Spain, and the US  

FuboTV has four subscription plans Starting from $74.99/month. It gives access to official NFL sports channels like  CBS, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network, etc.

However, FuboTV is geo-restricted in Brunei, but you can access it with the aid of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN

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3. Sling TV


Sling TV is an American subscription-based television service.  It is popular for its economical subscription plans.

It has 2 subscription packages, Sling Orange, and Sling Blue for $40/mo and $45/mo. respectively. Sling Orange gives access to ESPN and Sling Blue gives access to FOX, NFL Network, and NBC.

We recommend the Sling Blue + Orange plan combined for $60/mo as the best choice for fans as it includes NFL Network, Fox, and NBC, ESPN.

However, you will miss the Super Bowl and other games broadcasting on CBS as it is not available on SlingTV.

Moreover, Sling TV is geo-restricted outside of the US, you will need an advanced VPN like ExpressVPN to access it in Brunei

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How to Watch NFL on Mobile in Brunei for Free

Free Sports apps such as the Rapid Streamz app can be downloaded on your mobile phone to enjoy the NFL completely free. It can be downloaded from APK Sideload.  

However, it is an unlicensed app and only works with a Costa Rica server. We recommend ExpressVPN to unblock it anywhere and hide your streaming activity from your ISPs.

Step 1: Download our recommended ExpressVPN on your device


Step 2: Connect to the Costa Rica server


Step 3: Go to and select Download app


Step 4: Click Continue   


Step 5: From the list, click NFL


Step 6: Click on NFL once again


Step 7: Click on either NFL Network OR NFL RedZone


Step 8: Select MX Player


Step 9: Click Open Settings


Step 10: Enable MX Player


Step 11: Start streaming!


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List of NFL Broadcasters in Brunei

Unfortunately, Brunei only has one official NFL broadcaster (DAZN). You can enjoy all NFL games via the NFL Game Pass Intl. on DAZN.

However, you can also opt for premium streaming services to enjoy the league. But you won’t be able to access them without a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Following is the list of best premium platforms to watch the NFL in Brunei:

Get the full schedule: NFL Schedule 2023-24 released.

List of Other Free Streaming Websites to Watch NFL for Free

Swipe your costly premium services and watch the whole NFL action live via free sports websitesBut before you start streaming, remember to sign up for a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN for your security.

Below are our highly recommended free streaming websites to watch the NFL in Brunei:


List of Devices to Watch NFL in Brunei

In Brunei, several devices can be used to stream NFL games live. You can either download the apps or connect to your web browser to stream via free or premium method

The following is a list of devices that can be used in Brunei to watch the NFL:

Top 10 Countries With Most NFL Fans

The NFL has a huge fan base worldwide. Here is a list of countries where the NFL is widely followed:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. South Korea
  5. Barbados
  6. Australia
  7. British Virgin Islands
  8. China
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Romania

Do I Need a VPN to Watch the NFL in Brunei?

Yes, if you opt for free websites/apps to watch the NFL in Brunei, you will need a VPN as these free websites/apps are unlicensed and might be risky for streaming.

DAZN is a premium service that officially broadcasts the NFL in Brunei and does not need a VPN

However, if you choose to enjoy the league via geo-restricted premium services like FuboTV, Hulu+ Live TV, and Direct TV then You will need a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions.

The only VPN that we can vouch for is ExpressVPN. It is known for its excellent functionality. and advanced features.

ExpressVPN can easily hide your IP address while streaming through free websites and unblock the restricted services anywhere. 

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FAQs- NFL in Brunei

Is it possible to watch NFL games outside Brunei?

Watching NFL games that are being broadcast outside of your area is easy with the NFL Mobile app. You can watch preseason games by adding an NFL Game Pass membership.

The NFL Network is available on which streaming service? 

Several streaming providers, such as FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV, let you watch NFL Network.

Does Brunei allow the use of a VPN?

Most countries in the world, including Brunei, have legalized VPN use.


The NFL is the most followed American Football league worldwide. It officially started on September 7, 2023, and will wrap up with the Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024.

All the games will be live-streamed on multiple platforms. Brunei fans can watch the NFL through premium services like DAZN, FuboTV, and SlingTV.

You can also stream live NFL games using free websites/apps mentioned in the blog. However, you’ll need ExpressVPN, to hide your streaming activity and unblock restricted services. 



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