How to Watch NFL in Georgia (Free and Premium Ways | 2023)



The most renowned Football league, the National Football League, 2022-2023, started its 103rd season on 8th September 2022. The NFL committee has scheduled the season’s finale of the NFL 2022-2023 on Sunday, 12 February 2023.

The season’s first game was played between the defending champions, Los Angeles Rams, and the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium, where the Bull blew out the Rams with a score of 31-10. The events of the NFL are broadcasted worldwide by official broadcasters.

If you want to watch NFL in Georgia, you can do so as the games are officially broadcasted in the country. There are two methods of watching the NFL in Georgia, a premium and a free method

An excellent uninterrupted streaming experience is offered by both the free and paid NFL streaming services in Georgia. All the platforms for watching the NFL covered in this article work smoothly on phones, tablets, and other devices.

The Premium way of streaming the NFL in Georgia does not require a VPN. However, if you use a free website to stream the games in Georgia, you must use a VPN to ensure your privacy.

A VPN can secure your data and identity by hiding your activity from the ISPs. We suggest using ExpressVPN, to protect your device and maintain anonymity. You can try ExpressVPN offers, it is free for 3 months with a 12-month subscription and also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee too.

How to Watch NFL in Georgia for Free

 If you have a streaming device and internet access, you can easily watch the NFL for free in Georgia if you have a streaming device and internet access. Although you can watch the games for free, we advise using a VPN to keep your online activity hidden from your ISP. 

To watch NFL in Georgia for free, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Go to the OR OR and click on Sky Sports Action NFL


Step 3: Enjoy streaming!


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Premium Ways to Watch NFL in Georgia

Georgians can watch the NFL using a variety of premium options. You can select any method if you don’t want to use a free one. Sports streaming services and specialized sports services that cater to NFL streamers are among the premium options for watching the NFL. 

To gain users’ access to these premium services, you must purchase a subscription to one of their plans. Premium ways of streaming NFL are the best option if you can cover the cost.

The reason is that they are the official broadcaster of the NFL, so you won’t have to worry about risking your privacy and identity by streaming on an unlicensed website. 

The premium ways to stream NFL football in Georgia are as follows:



ESPN is the best premium sports service to enjoy the NFL in Georgia. ESPN International has divisions worldwide, including many countries in Europe. It is a group of subscription-based channels that broadcast the live streaming of international sports events, including American Football.

ESPN International is available in more than 60 countries, with 24 TV networks available in 4 languages. In Georgia, you can watch NFL games on ESPN’s website or with ESPN Player.

In addition to NFL, you can also watch other American football events such as NCAA College Football, MLB, NBA, Tennis, NHL, Boxing, X Games, etc. You can subscribe to ESPN in Georgia by logging in with your TV provider or ESPN Player account.

ESPN is compatible with almost all streaming devices. You can watch ESPN on your mobile phone, either iOS or Android, by downloading its official app, using the browser on your phone or laptop, and on various other streaming devices

2. NFL Game Pass


The best way to watch the NFL in Georgia is with NFL Game Pass. More than 200 countries around the world offer the service. You may watch every game of the regular season, postseason, and Super Bowl of the NFL in 2022–2023.

For live streaming, NFL Game Pass also provides on-demand replays. The NFL Game Pass has two main options: a free pass and a pro pass.

You may enjoy the game highlights, analysis, results, and some additional NFL content with the help of the free program. 

However, you cannot stream the games live. You must sign up for the Pro Plan if you want to watch the NFL live on Game Pass.

Every feature offered by the free program is also included in the Pro plan. It also includes live games, full game replays, NFL in 40′, and 7 hours of NFL RedZone every Sunday.

The NFL Game Pass is available in Georgia on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, PS4, and LG Smart TV.

NFL Game Pass Pro does not offer a monthly subscription plan, so you will have to subscribe to an annual package of $209.99. You can also pay $52.50 quarterly. 

How to Watch NFL on Mobile in Georgia for Free

Various free services, such as those discussed above, are compatible with mobile phone browsers. You can use your mobile phone’s browser to watch the NFL on the Max Sports or Live TV website. 

You can also use free sports streaming services such as the Rapid Streamz App. The Rapid Streamz App provides live coverage of many international sports events, including the NFL. 

However, as these are free methods, you must subscribe to a VPN. A VPN will protect your device against any danger that you may encounter when downloading free apps. A VPN also hides your streaming activity. We recommend using ExpressVPN

You can watch the NFL on your mobile phone for free in Georgia by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download our recommended ExpressVPN on your device


Step 2: Connect to the US server


Step 3: Go to and select Download app


Step 4: Click Continue   


Step 5: From the list, click NFL


Step 6: Click on NFL once again


Step 7: Click on either NFL Network OR NFL RedZone


Step 8: Select MX Player


Step 9: Click Open Settings


Step 10: Enable MX Player


Step 11: Start streaming!


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List of NFL Broadcasters in Georgia

In Georgia, there aren’t many certified NFL broadcasters that are accessible. However, the available ones are sufficient because they will broadcast almost every game live, including the preseason and the Super Bowl, which is the Championship’s grand finale.

The following are the official broadcasters of the NFL in Georgia.

  • ESPN
  • NFL Game Pass

List of Other Free Streaming websites to watch NFL for free 

You can watch the NFL on free third-party sports streaming websites if you want to save money and don’t want to pay a lot for streaming services.

You will need a VPN to stream NFL on your device, though, as they are free services, so you need to hide your activity. We advise using ExpressVPN.

The following websites are free and offer live streaming of all NFL games:


List of Devices to Watch NFL from Georgia

You can watch the NFL on any of your preferred devices, which are officially available in your country. Most of these devices are compatible with watching NFL games using free and premium methods. 

These devices support streaming the NFL via free websites on the browser and downloading both free and premium apps

The following is the list of the streaming devices where you can watch the NFL in Georgia:

Do I Need a VPN to Watch NFL in Georgia?

Depending on your preferred streaming option, you might or might not need a VPN to watch the NFL. You won’t be requiring a VPN if you decide to subscribe to any of the premium services we have discussed because they are legal and safe to use in Georgia.

However, we strongly suggest you utilize a VPN if you decide to use a free method of watching the NFL in Georgia. This is intended to protect your security because the free third-party websites that broadcast NFL games live are not entirely secure.

There is no official license for NFL streaming on free third-party websites. As a result, the majority of Internet service providers block them.

Additionally, free websites employ advertising to bring in money which might appear at any time while streaming, they are intrusive

Therefore, to protect your privacy and data, we strongly suggest using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. By changing your IP address, a VPN can also help you keep your online activity hidden from your ISPs. 

FAQs – Watch NFL in Georgia

Can I watch the NFL in Georgia on Roku?

No, you can not watch the NFL on Roku in Georgia, as Roku is not officially available in the country. However, you can watch the NFL on other devices mentioned above by downloading the ESPN app or using a browser to access NFL Game Pass in Georgia.

Can I use a free VPN to watch the NFL in Georgia?

No, you cannot use free VPNs to access the free websites where you can watch the NFL in Georgia. This is because not many free VPNs have Georgian servers.

Even if the servers are available, they are often limited, with many available users. Some free VPNs also keep a log of their users’ data. 

Can I watch NFL Network in Georgia? 

No, you cannot watch NFL Network in Georgia, as the channel is only available in the United States. But if you connect to a US server of ExpressVPN, you can unblock the channel in Georgia. 


America’s National Football League started with a big battle between defending champions and Buffalo Bills on 8 September 2022. The league will continue till the Super Bowl and complete its 2022 season on February 12, 2023

The NFL can be watched live from all over the world by using both free and premium methods. In our guide, we have discussed ways to watch NFL in Georgia both ways. 

If you choose a free method of watching the NFL games, you will need to use a trusted VPN such as ExpressVPN to protect your device. However, you won’t need a VPN to watch NFL on premium services in Georgia.


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