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The NFL 2022-23 Super Bowl LVII is happening on 12th February. The final is between Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

You can watch NFL on Apple TV if your country officially supports Apple TV and is available for purchase. Our most recommended way to watch NFL on Apple TV is by using the official NFL Network app. 

The NFL Network app offers live streaming of all the NFL games on various devices, including Apple TV. You can download the NFL Network app on Apple TV by using Apple App Store.

The NFL Network broadcasts the live game and provides documentaries and highlightsThere are also several other ways to stream NFL on Apple TV which we have discussed in our guide.

Our guide has discussed premium methods to enjoy the NFL on your Apple TV. However, if you are from outside of the United States, we suggest using a VPN if any of the streaming services that we have mentioned in this guide are unavailable in your country. 

Our most recommended VPN is ExpressVPN which has the most advanced security features. You can try ExpressVPN’s services risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee. It also gives a free trial option for the first three months of the subscription.

2 Ways of Watching NFL on Apple TV 

If you are looking for ways to enjoy the NFL on Apple TV, then you can do so by getting subscription-based channels and services. Most premium services with an official license to broadcast the NFL have their official apps available on the Apple TV app store. 

The official and premium ways of watching the NFL differs from country to country. For example, In the United States, the official NFL broadcasters are Fox, CBS, ESPN NFL Network, and NBC Sports.

While in the United Kingdom BBCSports, as well as Sky Sports, have the right to broadcast the NFL officially.

Any streaming service with these channels available in its subscription plans and an official compatible app available on Apple TV App Store can be used to watch the NFL.

The following are the best premium methods to watch NFL on your Apple TV:

How to Watch NFL on Apple TV with NFL Network App

Our most recommended way of streaming the NFL on Apple TV is by using a premium service, such as NFL Network.

The NFL Network is an American channel that is also the official broadcaster of all the NFL games including the preseason matches and Super Bowl in the United States. 

NFL Network’s official app is available on the Apple App Store. You can download NFL from the Apple App Store directly on your Apple TV. The Network not only offers live streaming of the game but also provides replays, live audio, highlights, etc.

If you have access to a valid US TV provider’s subscription or a Paramount+ subscription, then you can watch NFL on NFL Network in the United States.

Additionally, you can also stream NFL Network with a variety of live TV streaming services, such as Sling TV, YouTube TV,  Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, etc.

You can also subscribe to NFL Network’s official streaming service, the NFL Game Pass, by paying $9.99 per month or $99.9 per year. With the subscription, you also fetch a 7-day free trial to try the app without risking your money. 

The NFL Network’s Game Pass is available in various geographical regions, such as Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. However, if your country is not on the list then you can always use a VPN to bypass the restrictions. 

Also if you want to watch the NFL on NFL Network’s own app, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock the geo-restricted streaming service in your country

You can watch the NFL games on Apple TV by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open your Apple TV and from the Apple TV Home screen, choose the App Store


Step 2: Go to Search, and search NFL Network


Step 3: Scroll down to download the app and select Install


Step 4: Wait for your Apple TV to complete installing NFL Network and then select Open the app


Step 5: Choose live streaming of the game and enjoy


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How to Watch NFL on Apple TV with Fubo

You can also use another premium live TV service to stream NFL games to your Apple TV. Streaming services like FuboTV are the perfect alternative if you don’t want to only use the NFL Network app. 

Since NFL Network is an American channel, it is also included in the FuboTV membership plan, making it simple to stream NFL. In addition to NFL Network, you also get sports channels that stream NFL live, such as ESPN, CBS, NBC Sports, and others.

These channels are also the NFL’s official US broadcasters. You can get a FuboTV subscription to watch the NFL for $64.99 a month. In addition to these sports channels, FuboTV also offers 200+ Live TV channels

FuboTV is compatible with a variety of streaming devices such as Laptops, Android mobile phones, iOS mobile phones, Mac, Windows, Xbox, Android TV, FireStick, and Apple TV. However, FuboTV is not available on PS4.

Unfortunately, FuboTV is only accessible to people living in the United States. To watch FuboTV on your Apple TV, you’ll need to use a VPN if you want to watch FuboTV outside of the US.

To bypass geo-restrictions and unblock Fubo, we suggest using our best VPN, ExpressVPN. To watch NFL on Apple TV via FuboTV, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your Apple TV and from the Apple TV Home screen, choose the App Store


Step 2: Go to Search, and search Fubo TV


Step 3: Scroll down to download the app and select Install


Step 4: Wait for your Apple TV to complete installing Fubo TV and then select Open the app


Step 5: Choose live streaming of the game and enjoy


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List of NFL Broadcasters that Has Apple TV Apps

You can also watch NFL on various premium services and apps in addition to those that we have discussed in our article. All of the official broadcasters for the NFL have official apps where you can enjoy the games.

Some of the channels such as CBS, Fox, Sky NFL, etc are included in the subscription plan of Live TV streaming services. If your country supports the PS4 then you can watch the NFL from their official apps.

All you need is to download the apps from the Apple App Store. The following is the list of all the official broadcasters of the NFL that has official apps available for Apple TV:

  • Spark Sports
  • DAZN
  • FuboTV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Sky Go
  • Kayo Sports
  • ESPN
  • CBS All Access
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • BBC Sport
  • Mola TV
  • Shahid
  • ESPN+
  • AT&T TV
  • NFL Game Pass
  • NBC Sports
  • Viasat Sports
  • Blue Sports

Other Devices to Live Stream NFL

It doesn’t matter if an Apple TV isn’t officially offered in your country because you can still watch NFL on other platforms. Similar to how we described in our article, watching the NFL on various streaming devices is possible.

Almost all streaming services and sports networks, including FuboTV and the NFL Network app, are compatible with these devices.

The list of devices where you can watch NFL is as follows:

Top 10 Countries to Watch NFL

The NFL, the most watched football event in America, is officially aired in a number of other countries. If you live in the United States, you can watch the NFL on ESPN, CBS, NFL Network, Fox, and other platforms.

To find out if your nation has a licensed NFL broadcaster, go to the official NFL website. The following are the top 10 countries to watch NFL:

Do I Need a VPN to Stream NFL on Apple TV?

The answer to that question depends on your geographical location and the streaming platform where you are watching the NFL. For example, the official NFL broadcasters in the United States are NFL Network, ESPN, Fox, NBC Sports, etc. 

These channels are available to watch in the United States via their official apps through a cable provider or live TV Streaming Services, such as FuboTV.

Unfortunately, all of these channels and FuboTV are geo-restricted to the United States only due to licensing limitations

If you want to watch Fubo in another country, such as in Canada, you cannot because of the geo-restrictions. In such cases, a VPN is used to unblock restricted services in other countries. 

A VPN unblocks the restrictions by masking your actual IP address and converting it to a virtual address. For example, if you are from the UK, a VPN changes your UK IP address into an American one when you connect to the US server. This will trick FuboTV into believing that you are watching from the United States.

A VPN does a lot more than changing your IP address, it also protects your device by blocking unnecessary ads. Premium VPNs such as ExpressVPN have advanced security features that help in protecting your privacy and hide your identity from your ISP.

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FAQs – NFL on Apple TV

How can you get a VPN to stream NFL on Apple TV?

Apple TV does not support the installation of a VPN. However, if you want to get s VPN on your Apple TV to watch the NFL, then you can download ExpressVPN on your wifi router to which your Apple TV is connected.

How can you get an NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV?

Yes, you can get an NFL Sunday Ticket on your Apple TV.

Can you use the browser on Apple TV to watch the NFL on free websites?

No, Apple TV does not have any built-in browser such as Chrome or Safari. If you want to get a browser on Apple TV to watch NFL, you will need to download third-party browsers, which we do not recommend due to security reasons.


The NFL 2022 is starting on Thursday, 8 September 2022, and will continue till the champion league’s finale the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is scheduled to take place at State Farm Stadium on 12 February 2023.

The NFL games are officially broadcasted worldwide on several national and international platforms. The official broadcasters of the games, such as NFL Network have their apps available for major streaming devices. 

In our article, we have discussed premium methods to watch NFL on Apple TV.  Even though there are many official NFL broadcasters in many countries, some countries such as Singapore or Qatar do not have one. 

A VPN such as ExpressVPN can help you in unblocking geo-restricted streaming sites and services, such as FuboTV or NFL Network in other countries. 


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