How to Watch NFL on Laptop – Free & Premium Methods (2023)



The NFL starts in 2022 on 8 September, whereas the season’s finale, the Super Bowl, will end in 2023 on 12 February. The last defending champions of the NFL are Buffalo Bills, with the fans cheering for them.

The entire NFL sports event will be specially covered by multiple international and national broadcasters around the globe. You can stream the NFL matches live with various devices, including your Laptop. 

You can access the NFL Network, the official broadcaster of the NFL games, or stream live on different browsers. Also, we have added multiple free and premium streaming services to watch NFL on laptops. You will, however, need a premium VPN to use the free services or sites.

If you happen to stream NFL with one of the free methods, then make sure to use a VPN to hide your streaming activity. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice as it offers 3 Months Free and with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4 Ways to Watch NFL on Laptop

There are multiple options to stream NFL on your laptop, and we have added the top 4 most recommended methods. There are free and premium ways in the guide from which you can choose. 

The premium methods require a subscription, whereas the free forms are always the cheapest option. You do not need to subscribe to any site or service to stream games live; however, the free sites are not safe. 

If you are searching for an official way to stream NFL and are willing to get a subscription, then a good premium streaming service is the perfect option. Free websites are usually unofficial. They do not have the license to stream NFL or any other sports event.

The following are the top 4 ways to watch NFL on Laptop:

Free Method: Watch NFL on Laptop using Browser Method

One of the options to stream NFL on your laptop is the browser method. Why can you open any live streaming websites on steam NFL or any other games online for free? These free streaming websites are not officially allowed to stream the content, so we prefer you use a premium VPN before you connect to them.

LiveTV is an option where you can watch multiple Sports over different sports events live if for free.

Following are the steps to watch NFL on laptop:

Step 1: Connect to the US server (We recommend ExpressVPN)


Step 2: Open the web browser and enter this URL OR OR


Step 3: Search for NFL


Step 4: Choose the match to stream


Step 5: Click Play on the link to the stream


Step 6: Start Streaming!


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Premium Method: Watch NFL on Laptop with NFL Network

One of the options we recommend the most is the NFL Network App. You can download the NFL Network app on your laptop to enjoy NFL on the big screen. You can download the NFL Network app easily and get access to live broadcasts of matches.

If you already have access to premium streaming services like Hulu, Youtube TV, or any other. Then all you need to do is log in with the TV cable provider and enjoy streaming.

The NFL Game Pass comes with yearly subscription plans, which costs $99.9 per year. It gives you a 7-day free trial and is accessible with multiple devices, including Laptops.

The NFL Network is available for around 200+ countries, but if your country is not on the list, you can still access it using a premium VPN service.

Following are the steps to watch NFL with the NFL Network on your Laptop:

Step 1: Open the NFL Network Website


Step 2: Click to watch Live


Step 3: Sign up or log in to continue


Step 4: Enter credentials


Step 5: Continue to stream matches live and enjoy


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Premium Method: Watch NFL on Laptop with Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a premium streaming service that is US based and cannot be accessed anywhere except in the US.  You can watch NFL on your laptop with Fubo TV. The premium streaming service lets you stream  NFL and other sports, TV shows, and movies online.

You can stream the NFL networks with the subscription plan on FuboTV and enjoy unlimited Sports. You can subscribe to Fubo TV and access 200+ live TV channels, including sports channels such as ESPN, CBS, and NBC Sports. 

The subscription costs $64.99 per month. However, you will need a premium VPN to connect if you do not live in the US.

Following are the steps to watch NFL Network on your  Laptop with FuboTV:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Open FuboTV website


Step 3: Sign up or log in with your Fubo account


Step 4: Search for NFL


Step 5: Click to stream live


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List of NFL Broadcasters that have apps on Laptop

The official broadcasters of every country are different and can be discovered on the NFL Network page. The streaming services where you can watch NFL can be streamed on the browser or with the official apps.

Here are some of the NFL Broadcasters that apps on Laptops:

  • Fubo TV
  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV
  • ESPN +
  • NFL Network

List of Other Devices to Watch NFL

Streaming NFL on Laptop is the most straightforward job, but if you are looking for other options to stream NFL other than a laptop, then don’t worry cause there is a wide variety of options to get NFL matches live.

Following are the other devices to watch NFL:

Do I need a VPN to Watch NFL on Laptop

Using the free streaming services or website, you will need a VPN to watch the NFL on the laptop. These websites are free to stream and unlicensed. To hide your IP address from your local ISP, you need to mask your activities.

Also, free streaming sites showing ads usually contain Malware and viruses which might affect your device. to stay on the safe side, it is recommended to connect to a  premium VPN that protects your privacy and keeps you safe as you stream online.

Other than that, if you opt for FuboTV and do not live in the US, you might need a VPN to access the content on Fubo TV. The service is Geo-restricted and needs our IP address to let you access NFL or any other content.

A premium VPN is the best way to stream content online safely and without restrictions. It provides you with premium continuous streaming and good quality. e we recommend you to use ExpressVPN as it is the best option for streaming Sports online. 

FAQs – NFL on Laptop

Can I use a free VPN two-stream FuboTV?

No, a free VPN is not recommended to stream Fubo TV online as it does not hide your IP address and might be a risk to your identity. To watch NFL online without interruption,n, we recommend you use a premium VPN Service.

Can I watch NFL on my laptop?

The NFL network is available for multiple devices such as rohu firestick Shield TV and more, all and on your laptop Browser gets the best experience of streaming the matches live on your screen.

How can I watch NFL on my laptop?

Watching a new laptop is the easiest way to stream NFL games live. You can use free streaming websites or opt for cable-style streaming services such as Hulu TV, SlingTV, and others. 


The NFL is starting on 8 September 2022 and ending on 12 February 2023. NFL is one of the most famous football seasons in America and in multiple parts of the world. For fans all around the globe, you can stream  NFL with other international broadcasters.

You can choose the free and premium methods to watch NFL live on various devices. If your country does not have an official broadcaster, you will need a VPN to get you past the geo-restrictions. Also, if you are looking for a free method, you will need a premium VPN.

A VPN keeps you safe and gives you anonymity all the time you are streaming live. We recommend you use ExpressVPN for the best streaming experience.


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