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Sýn is a media company in Iceland that operates Vodafone,, and several other TV and radio stations, such as Stöð 2, Stöð 2 Sport, Bylgjan, and FM 957. It also rebroadcasts several foreign TV channels on its digital TV system.

It broadcasts several sporting events, including the English Premier League, UEFA Championship League, NBA, UFC, and Formula 1. It also airs local football, basketball, handball, etc.

Stöð 2 Sport will be broadcasting the NFL along with the Champions League, the Pepsi Max League, the FA Cup, the Spanish and Italian Leagues, the Domino’s League, Ólis League, F1, Boxing, the UFC, and others.

Stöð 2 Sport also broadcasts matches from various leagues and tournaments, such as the Europe Champions League (UEFA), the Europe European Qualifiers (UEFA), the United Nations International Friendlies, the England Premier League, FIFA, and others.

Stöð 2 Sport has additional channels to stream multiple sporting events. Some of them are Stöð 2 Sport 2 HD, Stöð 2 Sport 3 HD, Stöð 2 Sport 4 HD, Stöð 2 Sport 5, and Stöð 2 Sport 6.

However, since it’s only available in Iceland and isn’t available anywhere else, to watch NFL on Sýn, you will need a secure VPN to access it. We recommend using ExpressVPN, as it is the best at getting past geo-blocked sites and services while keeping you safe.

How to watch NFL on Sýn?

You can watch the NFL on Sýn, the official broadcast of the Super Bowl in Iceland. The streaming service is available in Iceland only and restricted outside the country. To access the content, you will need to get a subscription to a good reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. 

Below are the steps to watch NFL on Sýn:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Subscribe to ExpressVPN using your credentials

Step 3: Connect to the Iceland server


Step 4: Go to Stoo 2 website and login


Step 5: Enter your credentials


Step 6: Search for NFL content


Step 7: Choose any show you would like to stream


Step 8: Stream NFL content on Syn and enjoy!


Try ExpressVPN

How to unblock Sýn?

Sýn is a media company in Iceland that has several other TV and radio stations, such as Stöð 2, Stöð 2 Sport, Bylgjan, and FM 957. 

However, Sýn is only available in Iceland, and anywhere else, it is geo-restricted, so to stream NFL on Sýn, you will need a secure and reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Prices and Packages of Sýn

Sýn has ten subscription packages, all different for viewers based on their preferences. You can choose any package and stream TV shows, sports, news channels, and all other entertainment channels and shows with Stöð 2.

All the packages are monthly based, which means no long-term commitments. If you are an NFL and live in Iceland, you need to get the NFL GamePass Pro to get all the NFL-related updates and news.

Below are all the ten subscription packages for Sýn:

1. Station 2+

The first package we have is the station 2+ package which costs ISK 3,990 a month. You can get a wide selection of movies and dubbed children’s content to stream with this package. Also, you get a wide variety of Icelandic and foreign TV series of good quality.

2. Station 2 Sport Iceland

What you get in this package is simply in its name. You can stream all the national sports and related content with Station 2 Sports Iceland. The package costs ISK 4,990 per month, where you get all the national sports in just one place.

3. Station 2 & Station 2+

The package costs ISK 7,990 per month, with access to all the content from Station 2 and 2+. You can stream Icelandic TV series and other entertainment shows. Also, watch News and experience a variety of content from Station 2.

4. Channel 2 Sport Foreign

For just IKR 3990, you get the Channel 2 Sport Foreign subscription package, where you can stream all the foreign games and sports events online

5. The Sports Package

To get all the sports and rights on one platform and to enjoy all gaming events from around the globe, you can subscribe to The Sports Package.

The package costs only ISK 7990 per month and offers a vast range of sports such as Hockey, Football, basketball, and much more.

6. NFL Game Pass Pro

The perfect place to get all the NFL-related updates, scorecards, upcoming game updates, and much more. The NFL Game Pass Pro costs 4490 ISK only and is the home to all NFL games, including the Super Bowl and live shows and documentaries.

7. NBA League Pass

Another league special we have for sports lovers in Iceland is the NBA League Pass. It costs 2490 ISK and has all the content an NBA lover wants. With every live game and NBA-related show. The subscription is a must-have to stay updated with the NBA.

8. Entertainment Package

The entertainment package is the one package you want to get if you are looking to cut out the cable TV and go online. The package offers a variety of entertainment, TV shows, news, and sports, and not to forget the streaming service Station 2+. All this is just for 11,290 ISK.

9. The Giant Package

The giant package has it all, and you get all the content across Stoo 2 in the offer. You can enjoy local and international sports, NBA, NFL, and other leagues across the globe, and not to forget local TV shows as well as foreign Movies and reality shows. 

The Giant package costs 19,900 ISK per month, which is not much to ask when offering such a wide variety of content on a single subscription.

10. The Big Package

The Big Package is also a good option if you are someone who enjoys varied entertainment and loves watching sports. You can subscribe to the big package for 17,290 per month and enjoy the streaming service Station 2+, also included in the package.

What other sports can I watch on Sýn?

Sýn is a phone network that brings different channels, including multiple sports channels, to Iceland. You can watch various sports, and sporting events live on your preferred devices if you get a subscription to Sýn.

The total number of live broadcasts by STOD 2 Sports ( Sýn sports Channel) is at least 2200 and can be extended. American Football is one of the top sports streamed in Iceland, including many other sports.  

Stöð 2 Sport has almost every sport a sports fan would want to watch, from the FA Cup, Italian Leagues, the Spanish League, F1, and the NFL. You cannot miss out on a single game that matters in sports.

Below are all the sports and events you can stream live with Sýn:

1. Sports

  • Men’s Domino’s League
  • Women’s Domino’s League
  • NBA
  • Spanish Liga ACB
  • World Championship boxing
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Cup
  • Spanish La Liga
  • English FA Cup
  • English League Cup
  • Icelandic Premier League
  • Icelandic National Team away games
  • English National Team games 
  • PGA Tour
  • European Tour
  • The Ryder Cup
  • US Open
  • The Masters
  • Players Championship
  • Icelandic Tour
  • European Champions League German Bundesliga
  • Poker After Dark
  • World Poker Tour
  • World Series of Poker
  • Motocross
  • Tennis Wimbledon
  • UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

2. Football Matches

  • Europe Champions League (UEFA)
  • Spain La Liga
  • Union of South American Nations Copa América (CONMEBOL)
  • England FA Cup (FA)
  • England League Cup (EFL)
  • Europe European Qualifiers (UEFA)
  • Iceland Pepsi deildin (KSI)
  • Europa League (UEFA)
  • UEFA Europe Super Cup
  • United Nations International friendlies
  • England Premier League
  • Italy Serie A (FIGC)
  • United Nations World Cup (FIFA)

Other channels to watch NFL 

Stöð 2 Sport is a television channel in Iceland that broadcasts a wide variety of different sports and is only broadcast in Iceland. The broadcast rights to stream NFL games for other countries are with other streaming services or channels.

If you live outside the US other than Iceland, you can learn about the official broadcasters where you live. Or get a subscription to any of the streaming services that carry any of the broadcasting channels.

Below is a list of other channels to watch the NFL:

  1. Watch NFL on Rai
  2. Watch NFL on O2
  3. Watch NFL on BBC
  4. Watch NFL on Tubi for Free
  5. Watch NFL on Screach
  6. Watch NFL on Eleven Sports 
  7. Watch NFL on ProSieben 
  8. Watch NFL on Star Plus
  9. Watch NFL on Fox Sports 
  10. Watch NFL on Truevision

Devices that support Sýn

You can use various devices to stream the NFL games live on Sýn. Upon the availability of the device in your country, you can choose from the list of compatible devices in your country.

However, if you are streaming from outside Iceland, then make sure your device is connected to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN that makes sure your identity is hidden from the ISPs, and that gets you through the geo-restrictions.

Below are the devices that are compatible to get NFL on Sýn:

FAQs – Sýn

Is VPN necessary?

Yes, VPN is necessary if you live somewhere where Sýn isn’t available. A secure VPN will get you past those geo-restrictions while keeping you safe. There are both free and paid VPN services, but we recommend paid VPN services as they are much safer and do not contain harmful ads and pop-ups. 

How can I watch Sýn outside Iceland?

Since Sýn is geo-restricted outside Iceland, you will need a secure and reliable VPN that will get you past those geo-restrictions by changing your IP address and also keeping you safe at the same time.

Can I watch NFL on Sýn?

Yes, you can watch NFL in Sýn as it has the official broadcasting rights to the NFL in Iceland. It has several other sporting events that you can check out, including the English Premier League, UEFA Championship League, NBA, UFC, and Formula 1. 


Sýn is a media company in Iceland that runs several TV and radio stations, including Vodafone and, Stöð 2, Stöð 2 Sport, Bylgjan, and FM 957. 

You can watch several sporting events on Sýn, such as the English Premier League, UEFA Championship League, NBA, UFC, and Formula 1. It also broadcasts local football, basketball, handball, and more.

Stöð 2 Sport is responsible for broadcasting the NFL and other sporting leagues, such as the Champions League, the Pepsi Max League, the FA Cup, the Spanish and Italian Leagues, the Domino’s League, Ólis League, F1, Boxing, the UFC, and others.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in Iceland, and to watch NFL on Sýn anywhere else, a secure VPN is necessary. We recommend you use ExpressVPN, as it is one of the best VPNs at getting past geo-blocked sites and services while keeping you safe.


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