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How to Watch NFL on Tubi for Free from Anywhere [2023-24]

Friday, May 17, 2024


Stadiums are jam-packed and fans are roaring with excitement as the 104th season of the National Football League officially started on September 7, 2023. The league will wrap up with the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024.

NFL is streamed worldwide via several premium channels and services. Tubi is one of the official platforms that airs NFL content. 

Tubi TV is an American OTT streaming platform owned by Fox Corporation. It is ad-supported and broadcasts the NFL completely free & legally.

Fox Sports & Tubi have collaboratively launched Sports on Tubi a premier streaming destination for sports fans, featuring Live Sports and On-demand content.

Unfortunately, you will face a restriction error while accessing the NFL on Tubi outside the US, Canada, Mexico, & Australia. The only way to watch the NFL on Tubi from anywhere is via ExpressVPN

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How to Watch NFL on Tubi for Free

Tubi is a 100% free platform to enjoy a variety of Live and on-demand sports content. However, it is only available in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

To access it anywhere else, you will need to bypass the geo-restrictions by connecting your device to a secure VPN like ExpressVPN and you’ll be all set to stream your favorite sport.

Below are some simple steps to watch the NFL on Tubi for free:

Step 1: Download ExpressVPN (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice) on your device

Step 2: Subscribe to ExpressVPN using your credentials

Step 3: Connect to the US Server 


Step 4: Go to the Tubi website and click on the register


Step 5: Fill in the details to login


Step 6: The Tubi TV homepage opens, click on Live TV


Step 7: Choose the NFL channel to stream


Step 8: Enjoy free streaming!


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Which NFL Matches Can You Watch on Tubi?

All thanks to the new contract rights, fans worldwide will be able to enjoy a variety of NFL content completely free through Tubi TV. 

NFL Channel is a dedicated NFL channel on Tubi TV. It features in-season, close-to-live digital content, highlights, and replays of some of the league’s most memorable games. Unfortunately, no live NFL games on Tubi.

However, You will face geo-restriction errors while accessing it outside the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, but this problem can be solved with the help of ExpressVPN

What Other Sports Can You Watch on Tubi?

Tubi offers its users an excellent sports streaming experience with live and on-demand sports content completely free. Below are some of the other sports you can watch on Tubi:

  • MLB
  • Professional Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Collegiate Sports
  • Concacaf Soccer
  • PBC boxing
  • PBA bowling

Other Channels to Watch NFL

Sports on Tubi is a 100% free,  premier streaming destination for sports. However, several other subscription-based services & channels allow you to watch live NFL from anywhere in the world.

However, these services are restricted to their specific regions but you can access them anywhere by connecting to the server of their respective regions via ExpressVPN.

We have listed some of the best premium channels and services to watch the NFL:

  1. Watch NFL on BBC
  2. Watch NFL on Hulu+ Live TV
  3. Watch NFL on Sky Sports
  4. Watch NFL on Sling TV
  5. Watch NFL on True Vision
  6. Watch NFL on DAZN
  7. Watch NFL on BeIN Sports
  8. Watch NFL on Fox Sports
  9. Watch NFL on Eleven Sports
  10. Watch NFL on O2

Get the full schedule: NFL Schedule 2023-24 released

Devices that Support Tubi

Sports fans can watch the NFL on Tubi, which is compatible with multiple streaming devices.

You can either download the Tubi TV app on your device or use the browser to stream content via their website. Below is a list of all the devices that support Tubi:

FAQs – Tubi

What is the downside of Tubi?

One of the most significant downsides of Tubi is its video quality. 720p is the highest resolution Tubi streams in. 

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for Tubi?

No! Tubi is a completely free and legal video streaming platform. They use ads to monetize and keep their service complimentary and legal.

Can I watch the NFL on Tubi for free without registering?

Yes, you can! One of its major selling points is that you don’t need to create an account, let alone enter your credentials.

Can you watch regular TV on Tubi?

You can watch all live TV channels such as entertainment, news, sports, and more, including ABC News, Fox Sports, Fox, TMZ, People TV, NBC News Now, the NFL Channel, and MLB.

How many channels does Tubi TV have?

Tubi offers more than 55 live channels all in one place, to stream for free, including NBC, FOX, Hearst, Scripps, Cox Media Group, and much more.


Tubi is a US-based streaming platform owned by Fox Corporation. It offers a variety of NFL-related content completely free through the NFL Channel 

However, Tubi is only available in the US, Mexico, Canada, & Australia. If you live somewhere else, you can only watch the NFL on Tubi by unblocking it via ExpressVPN



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