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The NFL 2022-2023 began with an exciting game between Buffalo Bills and the defending champions, Los Angeles Rams, on 8th September 2022.  The games will continue till the season’s finale, the Super Bowl, which is on 12 February 2023.

You can enjoy NFL on several sports channels that have the rights to stream the NFL games in the United States, such as Fox Sports, NFL Network, ESPN, CBS Sports, etc. However, all these channels provide commercial breaks during the games.

If you want to watch NFL without commercials, we recommend using NFL+NFL+ is an over-the-top subscription-based streaming service that broadcasts live games, out-of-market preseason games, and archive content from NFL Films and NFL Network.

NFL+ offers a chance to enjoy all the NFL madness from Monday to Sunday without disrupting commercials. Unfortunately, NFL+ is only available in the United States due to geo-restrictions because of licensing rights

We recommend using ExpressVPN as it can unblock geo-restricted streaming services in any region without compromising your privacy. It also keeps your activity hidden from your ISP.  

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How to Watch NFL Without Commercials

NFL+ is the solution to enjoying NFL without any disrupting commercials. NFL+ offers all the NFL games available in-market or out-of-market. You can enjoy live streaming of your favorite team’s games ad-free.

Unfortunately, NFL+ is only available in the United States and is unavailable in any other region due to licensing rights. You cannot access NFL+ outside of the US unless you use a premium trusted VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

Follow the steps below to watch NFL without commercials on NFL+:

Step 1: Download and Subscribe to ExpressVPN using your credentials

Step 2: Connect to the United States (e.g., New York) server


Step 3: Open the NFL+ website and click on subscribe


Step 4: Choose your subscription plan, e.g., Monthly and Season. Click on Start Your Free Trial


Step 5: Sign up with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account or enter your details. Click create an accountwatch-NFL-without-commercials-6

Step 6: Enter your credit card or PayPal info to complete the subscription


Step 7: Enjoy streaming!


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How to Subscribe to NFL+

NFL+ is a premium streaming service dedicated entirely to the NFL. To watch NFL on NFL+, you must subscribe to the service using your valid email address and payment method.

The subscription process of NFL+ is easy, and all you need to do is provide authentication credentials to become a member.

NFL+ accepts payment via different methods, such as All the major Credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, etc. However, the NFL prefers Visa Credit Cards for transactions. You can also pay for your subscription via PayPal or by redeeming a Code.

However, since NFL+ is only available in the United States, only US cardholders can subscribe to the service. But don’t worry, we have a way around it. You can subscribe to the NFL using the code that you can get from any reseller.

Follow the steps below to subscribe to NFL+:

Step 1: Open the NFL+ website and click on subscribe


Step 2: Choose your subscription plan and select Start Your Free Trial


Step 3: You can sign up with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account or enter your details to create an account


Step 4: Choose your payment method and enter your credit card or PayPal info, or redeem your code to complete the subscription


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NFL+ Price and Packages

NFL+ offers two monthly and seasonal subscription plans for NFL+ and NFL+ Premium. The seasonal and monthly plans cost different due to differences in the subscription durations but provide the same features.

The followings are the features and prices offered by NFL+:

NFL+ Price and Features

You can watch live Regular Season and Postseason games in your area, live out-of-market preseason games and live audio from every game of the season with an NFL+ subscription.

Games from Kickoff to Super Bowl LVII are available for streaming. You can often watch the regular season and postseason games on your phone or tablet.

The price for the monthly and seasonal subscription plans differ, but the features remain the same. You can subscribe to NFL+ by choosing any of the plans:

  • The monthly NFL+ plan costs $4.99 per month.
  • The seasonal NFL+ plan costs $39.99 per season.

NFL+ Premium Price and Features

The NFL+ Premium offers everything on the NFL+ subscription, such as NFL games available in the local market, out-of-market games, playoffs, and Super Bowl.

In addition, you can also enjoy full and condensed replays of every game available in your schedule without any commercials.

You can stream NFL without commercials with the NFL+ Premium subscription. Choose any of the following NFL+ Premium plans:

  • The monthly NFL+ Premium plan costs $9.99 per month.
  • The seasonal NFL+ Premium plan costs $79.99 per season.

What NFL Games Can I Watch on NFL+?

NFL+ offers all things NFL without any annoying commercial breaks. You can enjoy every NFL game live, replay, highlights, etc. If you are wondering how much of the NFL you can enjoy on NFL+, read on.

NFL+ offers the following NFL content to its subscribers:

  • Live Audio of every NFL game
  • Out-of-the market Preseason NFL games
  • All the Preseason games are available locally
  • Replays of all the Preseason games
  • Local Regular Season games
  • Primetime Regular Season games
  • Local Postseason games
  • Primetime Postseason games
  • NFL Network games
  • Replays of all Regular Season games
  • Replays of all Postseason games
  • Thursday Night Football games on Amazon Prime Video
  • Monday Night Football 
  • Sunday Night Football
  • Playoff games
  • Pro Bowl games
  • Super Bowl

Other Channels to Watch NFL 

NFL+ is a premium streaming service that only offers everything related to the NFL, such as live games, NFL archives, NFL films, highlights, etc. However, since it’s a premium service and only available in the US, not many people can take advantage of it.

National Football League has partnered with several streaming services and channels worldwide to broadcast its games. The following are some of the channels where you can watch almost all the NFL games live:

  • Watch NFL on G-Sports
  • Watch NFL on TV Azteca
  • Watch NFL on Sky Sports
  • Watch NFL on Spark Sports
  • Watch NFL on Fox Sports
  • Watch NFL on BBC
  • Watch NFL on Mola TV
  • Watch NFL on ProSieben
  • Watch NFL on TVP Sport
  • Watch NFL on Sport 5
  • Watch NFL on Coupang
  • Watch NFL on Screach
  • Watch NFL on Saudi Sports Channel
  • Watch NFL on NTV
  • Watch NFL on Eleven Sports
  • Watch NFL on Rai
  • Watch NFL on Saran Sports
  • Watch NFL on ESPN+
  • Watch NFL on Star Plus
  • Watch NFL on Tencent

Devices that Support NFL+

NFL+ app and website are compatible with several streaming devices. But since NFL+ is only officially available in the United States, we suggest using a trusted VPN to unblock the service in any other country.

ExpressVPN is compatible with most of the streaming services mentioned below. You can choose any streaming device to watch NFL on NF+.

The following are the devices supported by NFL+:

FAQs- NFL without commercials

How can you watch NFL without commercials?

NFL is officially available to stream on several sports channels. However, all of those channels provide commercial breaks during the games. To watch NFL without commercials, we recommend the NFL+ streaming service.

Can you watch NFL+ outside of the United States?

NFL+ is unavailable to stream outside the United States due to licensing rights and content ownership. However, you can watch NFL on NFL+ using ExpressVPN in any region you want.

Can you watch Super Bowl LVII on NFL+ without commercials?

Yes, you can subscribe to any NFL+ packages to watch the Super Bowl LVII without commercials.

Which streaming devices support NFL+?

Preseason games are typically accessible via various devices, such as phones, tablets, linked TVs, and desktop/laptop computers. However, mobile phones or tablets can stream live regular season and postseason games. 

You cannot watch live Regular Season or Postseason games on your television or desktop computer. You can watch replays of Regular Season and Post-season games on any supported device if you have an NFL+ Premium subscription.


The National Football League is one of the most-watched sports tournaments in the world, especially in the United States. You can watch the games live on any of the official streaming channels, such as Fox, CBS, ESPN, NFL Network, NBC, etc. 

However, all these channels have commercial breaks during the games, annoying and disturbing the streaming experience. To watch NFL without commercials, we recommend subscribing to NFL+, an over-the-top streaming service available in the United States.

You can watch all NFL games, including the Super Bowl, without commercials on NFL+. However, since NFL+ is only officially available in the United States, we suggest using a reliable VPN to unblock the service in your region. We recommend using ExpressVPN.


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