NewsBaltimore Ravens' Picks for the 2024 NFL Mock Draft

Baltimore Ravens’ Picks for the 2024 NFL Mock Draft

Tuesday, July 23, 2024


NFL teams are getting ready for the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft, which is only weeks away now, so the mock draft season is also in process. All 31 teams are busy planning and packing for the event.

As of now, the Baltimore Ravens only have five picks and Lamar Jackson is still a member of the team.

It is unclear why the team has decided to go for only five selections for the 2023 draft as it has had at least 8 picks in each draft since 2018.

Let’s have a look at who Ravens should pick for the 2023 NFL draft:

First Round (22nd Overall): Quentin Johnston, WR for the Pick

No matter what fate has written for Lamar Jackson, the Ravens must consider adding a wide receiver to the team.

The Ravens were in desperate need of a wide receiver, so they just signed star receiver Odell Beckham, Jr to the team. But in this mock draft, we suggest picking Quentin Johnston as another receiver.

The six feet four inches tall Johnston is a dangerous player in his category and an absolute stunner as he holds a burst score of 98 percentile.

Together with Mark Andrews, Isaiah Likely, and a probably healthy Rashod Bateman Ravens can have a deadly and competent offense on the field.

Jaylon Jones, CB can be the Third Round (86th Overall) Sign for the Ravens 

The fact that Marcus Peters is currently a free agent, the Ravens also need a cornerback. Baltimore enjoys having an abundance of cornerbacks.

Does Jaylon Jones have the potential to be a good starter? Yes, we think that he can become a decent starter on the team. He is strong and certainly has the skills.

However, the coaching staff needs to work a little bit on his fundamental shortcomings, to make him a valuable asset to the team.

Fourth Round (124th Overall) Pick: OL Tyler Steen

Ravens should go for the talented Tyler Steen as a fourth-round pick. Though he played as a tackle in his college, there are speculations that he can play guard or even center in the upcoming NFL season.

The Alabama player impressed his coaching staff with his great pressure-handling abilities in the game.

Ravens need a backup for the interior positions and Steen is a versatile player who can play all three interior positions, so why not try him? 

Fifth Round (157th Overall) Pick: DL Moro Ojomo

The Ravens can also draft Moro Ojomo as their defensive lineman. Ojomo started playing as an outside edge rusher but now he can project best as a 5-technique. This is great for Ravens as they use this position quite often.

Since the Ravens have also lost Calais Campbell, they need to strengthen their defensive line. Ojomo seems to be a valuable addition as he can bring depth and versatility to the defensive line position of the team.

Sixth Round (199th Overall) pick: Dante Stills, DT

For the sixth round, Ravens must look for the best player available, for whom they don’t have to worry about position adjustments.

Dante Stills is a great choice for that as he can be the team’s jack of all trades. The West Virginia player can play multiple positions along the defensive line.

He is a perfect depth selection having few pass-rushing upsides. That’s all you can ask for in the sixth-round selection criteria.



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