How to Watch NFL in Turkey (Free and Premium Ways | 2023)



America’s most anticipated football event of the year is, without a single doubt, the National Football League. International and American broadcasters stream games and events live to millions of sports fans worldwide.

The official start of the 2022 season is on September 8, followed by the football championship finale Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13, 2023.

However, as of 2022, there is only one official broadcaster to stream NFL in Turkey, which is S Sports (formerly known as Saran Sport). The guide covers a list of both free and paid methods of watching NFL games live from your phone or laptop in Turkey. 

The NFL games are fully compatible with both free websites and premium sports streaming services. They can be easily watched on a variety of preferred devices, including smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, etc. 

However, using a credible premium VPN is necessary for the free method mentioned in this guide. VPNs support your network security and maintain anonymity from being tracked by ISPs.

We recommend using ExpressVPN to watch NFL in Turkey due to its excellent security features and unmatched efficiency. You can try ExpressVPN offers, it is free for 3 months with a 12-month subscription and also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee too.

How to Watch NFL in Turkey for Free 

You can stream NFL in Turkey for Free via free sports streaming websites. Using the browser on your mobile phone or any streaming device, you can watch the NFL without complications.

However, be cautious while using these free sites; for safety reasons, we advise using a VPN to keep protected.

Follow the steps to Watch NFL in Turkey for Free:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Go to the OR OR and click on Sky Sports Action NFL


Step 3: Enjoy Streaming!


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Premium Ways to Watch NFL in Turkey 

To watch NFL in Turkey more securely, we advise using paid streaming services. Although these premium streaming services with official NFL broadcast rights require a subscription, you can always trust these services for a secure network.

You can stream live NFL games via premium streaming services such as S Sport and NFL Games Pass. They are the best premium options for watching the NFL in Turkey.

These services have two categories; one broadcasts other sports, including the NFL, and the other is solely NFL-oriented.

The following are the premium NFL viewing options in Turkey:

1. S Sport+


S Sports+ is a Turkish sports streaming service easily accessible on any Android or iOS device. All well-known sports, such as Premier League, UFC, NBA, and many more, including the NFL, are streamed on the S Sports+ app.

Although the official broadcaster of NFL in Turkey is S Sports it doesn’t air NFL its subsidiary S Sport+ does.

The S Sports+ app origin is Turkish; therefore, the S Sports+ internal language is Turkish, but you can watch the live broadcasts in English as well.

S Sports+ is ideal for catching up on missed games or events because it also includes options for re-watching live events.

S Sports+ subscriptions cost 17.99 TRY per month or 159.00 TRY annually. Turkish Lira is used in these prices. 

2. NFL Game Pass


The over-the-top paid streaming service owned by the National Football League (NFL) in the US is the NFL Game Pass which is available worldwide for easily watching live NFL games.

NFL Game Pass offers both free and paid subscription options for fans of the football championship games.

NFL Game Pass offers you all NFL-related stuff, including preseason games, live radio and television broadcasts, match analysis, and game schedules.

Also, the library content from NFL Films and NFL Network is conveniently provided with the NFL Game Pass subscription for fans too.

Sadly, the free plan is limited to providing it all from schedules, highlights, and other NFL-related content except for the live broadcast.

You can only stream the live games on the premium plan which requires a monthly or annual fee depending upon your selection. You can get the premium plan for $148.99 annually, which can either be paid all at once or in quarterly installments.

NFL Game Pass happens to be compatible with iOS, Android, Smart TVs, web browsers, and FireStick comes with a wonderful offer of a seven-day free trial for people who just want to try it out.

How to Watch NFL on Mobile in Turkey for Free 

Rapid Streamz App is one of the free sports streaming services that offer free live sports coverage, including the NFL, at any time. 

All you need to start streaming the game is a steady internet connection, your chosen streaming device, and a subscription to a premium VPN and a secure network.

To watch NFL in Turkey on your phone for free you can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download our recommended ExpressVPN on your Device


Step 2: Connect to the US server


Step 3: Go to and select Download app


Step 4: Click Continue   


Step 5: From the list, click NFL


Step 6: Click on NFL once again


Step 7: Click on either NFL Network OR NFL RedZone


Step 8: Select MX Player


Step 9: Click Open Settings


Step 10: Enable MX Player


Step 11: Start streaming!


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List of NFL Broadcasters in Turkey

The official broadcasting rights to NFL Turkey are held by the following streaming services. This season, if you want to watch live NFL games in HD, you must pay for a premium streaming subscription.

  • S Sport 
  • NFL Game Pass

List of Other Free Streaming Websites to Watch NFL for Free

Other than the services/sites already mentioned, there are numerous other streaming websites and services that legitimately and officially stream NFL games. If these services aren’t available in Turkey, you will need a VPN to access the content.

If you don’t want to spend money on premium services, then the ideal alternative is to watch the NFL on a free sports website

Since the websites that offer free streaming often lack security and can harm your devices, we recommend using a premium VPN to keep you safe online to stream from any free streaming services.

Following are some of the top free streaming websites to watch NFL in Turkey: 


List of Devices to Watch NFL from Turkey

If you want to explore additional NFL streaming options instead of using the usual streaming devices, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. NFL may be viewed on numerous streaming devices and platforms.

There are more options outside the standard laptop and TV screens. With these devices, you can use nearly the same procedures to stream NFL or any other sport online.

There are numerous streaming services with apps that work on various devices, like S Sport and NFL Game Pass.

NFL streaming is available in Turkey on the devices listed below:

Do I need a VPN to watch the NFL in Turkey?

If you are looking forward to the live streaming of the NFL 2022 league then you won’t need to use a premium VPN if you subscribe to S Sport, the official broadcaster of the National Football League’s 103rd season in Turkey, as the service is already accessible there.

Suppose you don’t want to invest in a premium or paid service so you choose to stream the NFL for free in Turkey.

Thus, you will definitely need a credible and solid VPN because the free third-party sports streaming websites that do so do not hold an official license to broadcast NFL games in your current region.

To protect your privacy and prevent your activity from being tracked by the ISPs, we strongly advise you to use a premium trusted VPN like ExpressVPN.

Also, free third-party services use adverts to monetize. These advertisements may damage your device and lead to further trouble. Unnecessary advertisements that appear out of nowhere might disrupt your streaming experience as well.

Thus, using a premium and reliable VPN like ExpressVPN is the solution to all your worries for a flawless streaming experience.

FAQs- NFL in Turkey

How do I watch the NFL Sunday Ticket in Turkey?

You cannot simply stream NFL live games on NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV or their mobile app in Turkey without connecting to a premium VPN since it is is geo-restricted outside of the US.

Can I use a free VPN to stream NFL games in Turkey?

We do not advise using free VPNs because they are not secure and lack security, and we use ads and pop-ups to generate revenue that could contain scams or trackers. Also, they have limited servers, which results in poor-quality video and buffering.

Are VPNs for watching the NFL banned in Turkey?

Technically, Turkey has outlawed VPN use. However, unless you use a no-logs VPN with adequate privacy controls, you cannot preserve your online privacy.

Your internet traffic is encrypted by a VPN, preventing it from being accessed or intercepted by hackers, site trackers, or any other third party.


The NFL games are starting in Canton, Ohio, on the 8th of September between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams and will continue till its championship final match at State Farm Stadium, on the 12th of February, 2023.

You can get NFL on multiple streaming services that are available for free and for monthly subscriptions. 

The NFL will be broadcasted live around the world by several international official broadcasters. The official broadcaster to sports and football fans in Turkey, i.e., S Sport, holds the official broadcasting rights for all the updated content related to NFL.

But if you don’t want to purchase the subscription, you can always stream NFL on any of the free websites. You can use any one of the methods to watch NFL in Turkey.

A premium VPN is necessary when using free websites to keep you secure from internet risks that might harm your devices and cause malfunctions. ExpressVPN is our recommendation to get a fantastic streaming experience and a secure network.


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