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How to Watch NFL in the Bahamas [Free Stream | 2023-24]

Tuesday, July 23, 2024


The time of the year has arrived with yet another exciting season of the National Football League starting on September 7, 2023.

32 teams will be competing against each other to be crowned as the champion in the League’s finale, the Super Bowl will be held on February 11, 2024 

NFL fans wait for nail-biting games all over the world, including the Bahamas. You can watch the NFL in the Bahamas on premium channels and services like ESPN and NFL Game Pass.

Moreover, you can also stream NFL games through free websites. But these free websites are unlicensed, and you will need a VPN to avoid any legal outcome.

ExpressVPN is our #1 recommendation as it hides your streaming activity from the ISPs and bypasses the geo-restrictions. 

It offers a 3-Months Free service on top of a 12-month Plan ($6.67/mo). It further gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How to Watch NFL in the Bahamas for Free

Save some bucks and live stream NFL via free sports websites on your browser. However, you have to be cautious as these websites are unregistered.

Therefore, to avoid any legal consequences, you will need a VPN. Our #1 recommendation is ExpressVPN. It hides your IP address from your ISPs.

Follow the steps mentioned below to watch NFL in the Bahamas for free:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server.


Step 2: Go to the OR and click on 24/7 Channels.


Step 3: Search for NFL Network and click on it.


Step 4: Enjoy Streaming!


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Premium Ways to Watch NFL in the Bahamas

Free ways of streaming are pocket-friendly, but they can be risky sometimes. Therefore, we suggest choosing premium channels and services for an exciting streaming experience. 

Premium services that officially broadcast the NFL in the Bahamas are discussed below:



ESPN is the official broadcasting channel of the NFL games. ESPN has many international divisions including, ESPN Caribbean in the Bahamas.

In addition to the NFL, it also offers official broadcasting of NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, PGA golf, UFC, tennis, college football, and international soccer.

You can watch NFL on ESPN through your cable TV by logging in with your TV Provider’s credentials or streaming services, such as DirectTV, Rev, etc. 

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2. NFL Game Pass


NFL Game Pass is an official OTT service of the NFL available in 200+ countries including the Bahamas.

Fans in the Bahamas can get NFL Game Pass through DAZN. Every NFL 2023 regular season game and playoffs including the Super Bowl is available on Game Pass.

But you will need a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to the Canadian Server to unblock NFL Game Pass on DAZN.

Prices of NFL Game Pass vary according to the country. You can subscribe to NFL Game Pass International on DAZN by subscribing to its Plans starting from $19.99/mo.

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How to Watch NFL on Mobile in the Bahamas for Free

Mobile phones are always handy and can be used to enjoy NFL matches in the Bahamas for free. You can use your phone’s browser (as mentioned above) to stream via free websites.

Or you can download a free sports streaming app such as the Rapid Streamz app from the APK sideload. However, Rapid Streamz works with a Costa Rica server. 

Rapid Streamz app can work in your region via a VPN like ExpressVPN. It bypasses the geo-restrictions by connecting to the Costa Rica server. It also hides your activities from your ISPs.

You can follow the steps below to watch the NFL for free in the Bahamas on your mobile phones:

Step 1: Download our recommended ExpressVPN on your device.


Step 2: Connect to the Costa Rica server.



Step 3: Go to and select Download app.


Step 4: Click Continue.   


Step 5: From the list, click NFL.


Step 6: Click on NFL once again.


Step 7: Click on either NFL Network OR NFL RedZone.


Step 8: Select MX Player.


Step 9: Click Open Settings.


Step 10: Enable MX Player


Step 11: Start streaming!


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List of NFL Broadcasters in the Bahamas

The NFL is officially broadcast all over the world including in the Bahamas. You can enjoy regular seasons of the game as well as the Super Bowl by using official broadcaster’s apps or websites. 

The following are the official broadcasters of the NFL in the Bahamas:

Get the full schedule: NFL Schedule 2023-24 Released

List of Other Free Streaming websites to watch the NFL for free. 

You can ditch the expensive premium methods and still enjoy the NFL in the Bahamas for free via free sports websites. But keep in mind that these websites are not registered.

Therefore, we suggest using a VPN like ExpressVPN to hide your online activity from your ISPs. The following are the best free websites to stream NFL in the Bahamas:


List of Devices to Watch NFL from the Bahamas

NFL is available to stream on several streaming devices. You can stream the NFL via either free or premium services’ websites or apps

Below is a list of devices that are available in the Bahamas on which you can stream all the live games of the NFL:

Do I Need a VPN to Watch the NFL in the Bahamas?

Yes, you will need to use a VPN to stream NFL in the Bahamas for free websites and premium streaming services.

You will need to use a VPN for streaming on free websites/apps to hide your streaming activity or your IP address from the ISPs and the Government.

However, if you opt for a premium service like the NFL Game Pass on DAZN you will need a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction and connect to the Canadian server. 

We highly recommend an advanced VPN like ExpressVPN which is the best VPN on the internet to date with advanced security features. 

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FAQs – Watch NFL in the Bahamas

Is the NFL Game Pass available in the Bahamas?

NFL Game Pass is a specialized sports streaming service you can get an NFL Game Pass in the Bahamas through DAZN using a VPN.

Can you access the NFL Network in the Bahamas? 

No, the NFL Network is a channel based in the United States. NFL Network is geo-restricted in the United States and cannot be accessed in the Bahamas unless you use a VPN.  

Can you get FuboTV to stream the NFL in the Bahamas?

FuboTV is not officially available in the Bahamas. It is only available in the United States and is geo-restricted in other regions. However, by using ExpressVPN, you can get FuboTV to enjoy the NFL and other sports in the Bahamas. 

Is there an American football organization in the Bahamas?

Since the 1950s, American football has been a part of the sports landscape in The Bahamas. Bahamas Federation of American Football (BFAF) is a regulating body for American football in the Bahamas, which is comprised of four members: the Flag & Youth Leagues, the CAFL, and the IAFA.


The United States’ most popular football event, the NFL season 2023-24 started on September 7, 2023. The league’s finale will be held on February 11, 2024.  

NFL games are broadcast for the fans worldwide including in the Bahamas. You can watch the NFL in the Bahamas on premium channels like ESPN and NFL Game Pass

You can also choose a free website/app. However, using a VPN like ExpressVPN is essential to remain safe from any legal problems by hiding your online activity from ISPs



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