How to Watch NFL in The US (Free and Premium Ways | 2023)



The National Football League (NFL) 2022 season is going to be its 103rd season, which is announced and began on the 8th of September, 2022, and will end the season with its final game the Super Bowl which will take place on the 12th of February, 2023

The NFL is a Football League that naturally has fans all over the United States and is broadcasted both nationally and internationally through various platforms. The official broadcasters of the NFL in the US are NBC, ESPN, Fox, CBS, and the NFL Network

We have discussed a list of ways to watch the NFL in the US which includes both premium and free methods. The mentioned services/websites broadcast most NFL games live. You can stream it on any device such as Laptops, mobile phones, and smart TVs, of your choice. 

However, if you’re looking for a more cost-friendly way then we suggest using the free method. But, we advise using a reliable VPN when streaming NFL on free websites because most free websites aren’t reliable so it’s better to take necessary precautions.

We recommend using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to hide your online activity if you are using the free method of streaming the NFL.

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How to Watch NFL in the US for Free

If you live in the US and are looking for a way to stream NFL for Free then look no further cause we know just how to solve your issue. All you need is a premium VPN, a secure internet connection, and a streaming device.

Follow the steps below to watch NFL in the US for Free: 

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Go to the OR OR and click on Sky Sports Action NFL


Step 3: Enjoy Streaming!


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Premium Ways to Watch NFL in the US

As you know NFL is a Football League therefore it has many streaming services available in the US that streams live NFL games.

If you don’t prefer the free method and are going with the premium method instead, then you can choose from any of the services mentioned below to stream the NFL. These streaming services broadcast other sports events including the NFL. 

You will need to purchase these services as they are all subscription-based but I assure you, you won’t regret subscribing to them. 

These services/channels are the official broadcasters of the NFL in the US so you won’t need to worry about risking your data like you would on a free website. 

The following is the list of premium services through which you can stream NFL in the US:

1. Fox Sports


Fox Sports is an amazing option for streaming NFL in the US. Fox Sports is the brand name for several sports channels, broadcast divisions, programming, and other media around the world.

Fox Sports is one of the official broadcasters of the NFL in the US. You can stream FOX Sports in the channel lineups of several live streaming services such as fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV.

As well as on AT&T TV Now’s PLUS package, TVision’s Live package, and YouTube TV. Fox Sports is compatible with devices such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, FireTV, Android TV, Xbox One, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV

Your first month of Fox Sports is discounted by $10, although there’s no free trial. You can also choose between Sling Blue & Orange package for $45/mo. If you want FOX Sports Go alongside all the other entertainment, comedy, and news channels.

2. ESPN + 


ESPN+ is an American over-the-top subscription video streaming service available in the United States, owned by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, in partnership with ESPN Inc. ESPN+ broadcasts Netflix, sports, sports documentaries, etc

All NFL content on ESPN Plus is available on demand. You can log in from anywhere with internet access to view the highlights. But, when it comes to streaming live content, you can always rewind footage or replay the live event later.

ESPN is compatible with devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, PS4 and PS5, Roku, Amazon Fire Sticks, and Fire tablets, Apple TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Oculus Go, and Chromecast.  

You can get an ESPN+ subscription for $6.99 per month, or you save over 15% by using the ESPN+ Annual Plan at $69.99 per year. However, there isn’t a free trial. 

3. NFL Game Pass 


Lastly, we have NFL Game Pass for streaming live NFL games in the US. NFL Game Pass is an over-the-top subscription service by the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. NFL Game Pass offers its subscribers two plans namely, free and premium plans.

However, the free plan doesn’t allow you to stream live NFL games on the free plan. If you want to watch all the live NFL games you must subscribe to NFL Game Pass

It offers the live stream of radio broadcasts of all NFL games, stream television broadcasts and the out-of-market preseason games, and streams all the library content from NFL Films and NFL Network. Replays of NFL games, including alternate “All-22″ and “Coaches Film” presentations, NFL Audio Pass, and NFL Game Remind are now available on demand through the premium tier of the service. 

For $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year, NFL+ is offered through the NFL App across all app stores. For $9.99/month or $79.99/year, fans may upgrade to NFL+ Premium, which delivers all of the features of NFL+. It offers its users a seven-day free trial. NFL+ is compatible with various devices, including  Android, iOS, Web Browsers, Smart TVs, FireStick, etc.

How to Watch NFL on mobile in the US for Free 

If you want to stream live NFL games on your mobile for free, then no need to worry because we are here to tell you just how. We have compiled a list of streaming websites and they are compatible with all the major streaming devices. 

You can stream these websites on your mobile browser. However, you need to be careful because most free websites aren’t officially licensed for the content they broadcast.

Follow the steps below to watch for free on your mobile in the US: 

Step 1: Go to and select Download app


Step 2: Click Continue   


Step 3: From the list, click NFL


Step 4: Click on NFL once again


Step 5: Click on either NFL Network OR NFL RedZone


Step 6: Select MX Player


Step 7: Click Open Settings


Step 8: Enable MX Player


Step 9: Start streaming!


List of NFL Broadcasters in the US

The NFL is the most popular American Football League and has fans worldwide. You can stream live NFL games in the US on the following Channels/Services:

  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Fox
  • ESPN
  • NFL Network
  • Amazon Prime Video Twitch

List of Other Free Streaming Websites to Watch NFL for Free

If you want to save your money and don’t want to subscribe to a streaming service and are looking for a more cost-friendly way then we have some free websites where you can enjoy streaming NFL for Free.

However, we suggest using a Premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to protect your data and privacy. 

Here is a list of the best streaming services for streaming live NFL games for free: 


List of Devices to Watch NFL in the US 

You can stream NFL on several devices in the US using both premium and free methods. You can either stream it on the browsers or applications. 

Following is a list of devices on which you can stream NFL in the US:

Do I Need a VPN to Watch NFL in the US 

Yes, you will be needing a reliable VPN if you decide to stream NFL in the US via free websites. Many free websites provide live coverage of both national and international sports events, including the NFL.

However, these broadcasters aren’t officially licensed, although they do have excellent qualityFree websites generate their revenue through ads and these unnecessary ads can be sometimes harmful to your devices.

They might carry viruses and malware within them that could leak your data and compromise your privacy. Free websites also track users’ data and locations and can misuse them therefore you need to be cautious.

Free websites aren’t always safe and it is better to take precautions and use a premium VPN to protect your data and device. We suggest using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to secure your data and privacy.

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FAQs- Watch NFL in The US

How many NFL teams are there in the US?

The National Football League is a huge event played between a total of 32 Teams. The matches are placed in the NFL in the US and viewed worldwide.

Is NFL big in the USA?

NFL is one of the most prestigious football games and fans all around the globe are impatiently waiting for the 2022 edition. The NFL is the most profitable sports league in the world, it makes $16 billion in revenue.

What states in the US don’t have an NFL team?

The states that don’t have NFL teams are Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, and South Dakota.


The season of 2022 NFL will begin on the 8th of September, 2022, and the season with its finale on the 12th of February, 2023. The NFL is broadcasted through various platforms nationally and internationally

You can stream the live NFL matches through the US official broadcaster’s website or app. However, you can also use the premium and free methods we have discussed in our guide to watching NFL in the US. 

There are many official broadcasters of the NFL in the US, but if you still prefer to watch it through a free website, make sure you are using a reliable VPN service, as free websites aren’t always safe and can do serious damage.

We recommend using ExpressVPN, which is our top choice when it comes to VPNs, as it not only bypasses the geo-restrictions but it also keeps your data and device safe and gives you complete anonymity while you’re browsing the internet.


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