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Top 10 Heaviest Players of the NFL 2024

Friday, May 17, 2024


The NFL, the most anticipated football event of the year, is here; it began on the 8th of September 2022 and will conclude the league with its final game (Super Bowl) on February 13, 2023.

In the most-watched football league in the US, weight is an essential element to be considered.  Since, some player positions require specific body weight to make a difference in matches, in addition to other qualities such as flexibility and jumping ability. 

They even require a special diet and exercise regimen to maintain a standard body frame that makes their players typically muscular and fit.

As the American Football League is one of the most challenging sports in the world, practically every position in the league requires a formidable physique.

NFL players are nearly a different breed from the rest of us, with their large, heavy, and powerful physiques. An NFL player’s average weight is 250 pounds, but there are exceptions with weights exceeding 300 pounds.

We have discussed the top 10 heaviest players of the NFL 2022 in our guide. Because of the sprint demands of American Football, you will find some of them unbelievable.

Top 10 Heaviest Players Of The NFL 2022  (High To Low Weight)

Although weight is one of the most critical aspects in the NFL, including the others, such as flexibility, height, and jumping skills. However, there is an exception for some of the player positions. 

The average weight expected by the team in the NFL is 250 lbs, but exceptions can be made for players with weights 300 lbs and above. We have a few players in the NFL that are bigger than the others.

1. AARON GIBSON (410 lbs)


Height:6-6, Playing Position: Offensive Tackle Teams Played: Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, Age: 44yrs, Last Played Match:

Aaron Gibson is a former American football offensive tackle in the National football league. He plays for different teams, including the Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and Dallas Cowboys. He played college football at the University of Wisconsin.

Also, he was a member of the Austin wranglers and Cleveland Gladiators of the AFL ( Arena Football League). The player holds the record for the heaviest player in the NFL, which according to us, tops our list.

He was also named as a Top 33 pick by the Bloomington Herald-Times. As a defensive tackle, the two-way player gained 8 fumble recoveries, and 11 passes defended. He has played 38 games in total and is one of the finest NFL players.

2. TERRELL BROWN (403 lbs)


Height: 5ft 11in  Playing Position: Cornerback Teams Played: San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Age:37  Last Played Match:

Terrell Brown is number 2 on the list of the top 10 heaviest players of the NFL 2022. The player weighs 403 lbs and plays as the cornerback on his team. The San Francisco 49ers drafted him in the 2007 NFL draft. In his rookie season, he got to play 9 games for special teams.

Before NFL, the player played defensive back for college football at Texas Longhorns. Brown got his career highs with 4 interceptions and 14 pass deflections after his comeback from his injuries. His efforts made the 49ers one of the NFL’s best defenses.

3. NATE NEWTON (401 lbs)


Height: 6ft 3in Playing Position: Guard Teams Played: Dallas Cowboy,  Age: 60  Last Played Match

Nate Newton is a former NFL player who played the offensive and defensive line his sophomore year. He attended Jones High School, where he played multiple games, including basketball, wrestling, shot put, and football. He has always been a great athlete.

The heavyweight NFL player weighs 401 lbs and has played 198 NFL games in total by now. He joined the Dallas Cowboys in 1968 after playing in the USFL.

He was nicknamed “The Kitchen” as he was more massive than the “The refrigerator” ( which was William’s nickname, Chicago Bears). He was regarded as one of the best guards in the NFL for a decade.



Height: 6ft 8in  Playing Position: Offensive Tackle Teams Played: Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins,  Age: 42 Last Played Match

The Giant Bryant Douglas Mckinnie has played 162 games in his career and stands at number 4 in our list of top 10 heaviest players of the NFL 2022. The player earned the Minnesota Viking’s seventh overall draft in 2002 and was in the Pro Bowl ranks in 2009.

The American football offensive tackle played for the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins in the NFL from 2011 to 2013. He went to Woodbury high school and joined Miami college, and he was always a great athlete despite his weight journey.

5. WILLIAM PERRY (382lbs)


Height: 6ft 2in  Playing Position: Defensive Tackle Teams Played: Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles,  Age: 59 Last Played Match

William Anthony Perry, the NFL-heavy player, weighs 382lbs. He gained huge popularity during his rookie season with the Bears teams. The defensive tackle player went to Aiken from high school, attended his college at Clemson, and played college football.

Perry started his NFL journey in 1985 when the Bears drafted him. The player is nicknamed “ The Refrigerator” because of his size. He won his and only Super Bowl for the Bears team.

He also set the record as the heaviest player to score a touchdown with 335lbs. Even today, William Perry remains the heaviest player to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

6. TRENT BROWN (380lbs)


Height:6ft 8in  Playing Position: Offensive Tackle Teams Played: San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, Oakland / Las Vegas Raiders, New England Patriots Age:29  Last Played Match.

The offensive tackler of the New England Patriots, the giant Trent Brown, is one of the heaviest NFL players to exist. He was 380 lbs and had quite an impressive ground command when it came to American football.

Other than the New England Patriots, he spent his years playing for the 49ers and LA Raiders since 2015. He started playing college football at Georgia Miller College in Florida and made his way to the top in no time. 

He was drafted by the SanFrancisco 49ers for the first time in NFL in the year 2015 and had played over 72 games by the time.

7. MICHAEL JASPER (375 lbs)


Height: 35 Playing Position: Head Coach Teams Played: Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Omaha Nighthawks, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers Age:35 Last Played Match

The American football coach, Leslie Michael Jasper, was once one of the most forceful heavy players. The former player has been the coach at Bethel University in McKenzie since 2019. 

He was first drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League in the seventh round in 2011. He played as a defensive tackle and an offensive guard for his college football team in Bethel.

Jasper was pretty heavy, even by the defensive tackle standards. He weighed approximately 450 pounds. However, he reduced it to 375 pounds later.

8. T.J. BARNES (364 lbs)


Height:6ft 7in Playing Position: Defensive Tackle Teams Played: Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Legends, Carolina Panthers, New York Guardians  Age: 32 Last Played Match

Terence Jariviz Barnes is a former American Football player, number 8 among our heaviest players of the NFL 2022. He played as the defensive tackle with the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Legends, and the New York Guardians.

He took 6 tackles in total. He also played college football at Georgia Tech. At Enterprise High school, Barnes was ranked nationally as the 48th best offensive tackle by and the 18th best prep prospect in Alabama.

9. MEKHI BECTON (364 lbs)


Height:6ft 7in Playing Position: Offensive Tackle Teams Played: New York jets Age:23 Last Played Match

Becton is one of the finest NFL players despite his heavyweight. He attended the Highland Springs High School in Richmond, Virginia. 

He was regarded as the No. 43 Offensive tackle and the No.405 overall recruit in the 247 sports composite. He was drafted by the New York Jets in the 2020 NFL Draft and played college football at Louisville. 

10. ROBERT GRIFFIN (361 lbs)


Height: 6ft 6in Playing Position: Offensive Guard Teams Played: New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts  Age:32 Last Played Match

Robert Torrez Griffin is a former American Football offensive guard. He was drafted by the New York Jets in the 2012 NFL Draft. The player also played college football at Baylor University and was one of the finest team players to lead.

Griffin signed a 4-year contract with the New York Jets on the 15th of May 2012 and was waived off on the 13th of august 2012. Later, Griffin moved to Indiana Polis; however, in August 2013, he was cut out, and since then, he hasn’t played any NFL season.

FAQs- Heaviest Players of the NFL

Who has the most muscular NFL arm?

Josh Allen is known for being the most muscular arm in the NFL. His throw power rating is 99, whereas Mahome’s throw power rating is 97. He is the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

Who is the heaviest NFL player ever?

Trent Brown is the heaviest NFL player #6. He is the offensive tackle of the New England Patriots.  Trent Brown, known as Giant Brown, Weighs 380 lbs. He has been active from 2015-present.

Who is the heaviest NFL player today?

Aaron Gibson from the Indiana Polis is the heaviest NFL player to date. The player weighs 376 lbs, and his height is 6ft 6in. He is the most muscular man to play NFL in history. In his career, he played 38 games. He plays as the Offensive Tackle for his team and is known for his vast size.


These were the top 10 heaviest players of the NFL 2022, according to the list. Even after being huge, these players never miss a chance to perform at their best. They all have been scorekeepers for their teams, making the exception to keep them.

Athletes know how to take care of their bodies and work out regularly. You might see changes in their weights with time.

With heavyweight comes strength. Their weight plays a significant role in their team’s strategy. You can catch them live in the 2022 season on your screens live.



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