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The National Football League has an enormous fan base spreading around the continent. The Bills defeated the Rams, winning their first game of the season. The championship game of the tournament, the Super Bowl LVII, is scheduled for 12 February 2023.

Although the NFL is an American Football event, the games are broadcasted worldwide due to their massive fan following. Fans in Thailand can enjoy the NFL on the official broadcaster of the game, TrueVision.

TrueVision is a pay-TV satellite TV provider that offers several sports channels. You can watch seven NFL games weekly on TrueVisions’ sports channels, such as True Sports HD, True Sports 1, and True Sports 3.

TrueVision will live broadcast Monday Night, Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and several Play-off games. However, TrueVision holds the rights to stream the games only in Thailand and is geo-restricted in other regions. 

But don’t worry; fans in other regions can watch NFL on TrueVision using a trusted secure VPN, such as ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN can easily bypass the geo-restrictions set on TrueVision and hides your IP address from your local ISP, and keeps you safe.

How to Watch NFL on TrueVision?

The only downside of TrueVision is its unavailability in regions other than Thailand. Due to licensing restrictions and copyright agreements, only people living in Thailand can access TrueVisions. However, a trusted VPN, such as ExpressVPN, can unblock the channel in any country.

Follow the steps below to watch NFL on TrueVision:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download and install the VPN app on your device

Step 3: Connect to the Thailand server


Step 4: Open the TrueVision website and click on Sports


Step 5: Select American Games from the list


Step 6: Scroll down to select your preferred packages


Step 7: Click on Register Now


Step 8: Click on buy now


Step 9: Enter with your True ID and enjoy streaming NFL!


Try ExpressVPN

How to Subscribe to TrueVision

There are several ways to subscribe to TrueVision, as the TV provider offers several packages. However, you first need to create a True ID account. True ID is essential to use any of the True Services, including True TV, Internet, Phone packages, and retail shopping.

TrueVision accepts a variety of payment methods, including bank counter billing, ATM billing, Visa Debit Cards, Visa Credit Cards, Mastercard Debit Cards, and Master Credit Cards.

They also accept True Money Wallet and PayGoogle. However, TrueVision does not take foreign cards and only accepts Thai cards.

We do, however, have a workaround. Additionally, TrueVision accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay. It is sufficient to create an account on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Locate a retailer where you can purchase a Thai Google Gift Card or an Apple Gift Card. This card will be the Thai version, and they won’t be able to be linked back to you. Therefore TrueVision will accept them.

You can also pay for your TrueVision subscription with your True Money account. You can top up your True Money wallet with your credit or debit card, by cash, virtual funds, or by transferring from another True Money account.

TrueVision Pricing and Packages

TrueVision offers several packages to its subscribers based on the number of channels and the amenities they provide. You can subscribe to any of these packages to access TrueVision content.

However, if you want to watch NFL on TrueVision, you must purchase a package that includes True Sport HD. The following is the list of Sports channels that you can get by subscribing to TrueVision:

  • True Sport 2
  • True Sport 5
  • True Sport 6
  • True Sport 7
  • True Sport HD
  • True Sport HD 2
  • True Sport HD 3
  • True Sport HD 4
  • True Tennis HD

Following are the packages offered by TrueVision to its subscribers:

TrueVision Now Platinum 

TrueVision Now Platinum package offers 90 channels, including several for sports, movies, entertainment, documentaries, cartoons, and education. You can get TrueVision Now Platinum package for ฿1,499 /month. 

With the TrueVision Now Platinum package, you can enjoy live football games, 8 leagues, 10 Cups, and over 15000 matches. By subscribing to this package, you can enjoy live streaming on up to 4 devices at once.

TrueVision Now Gold

TrueVision Now Gold package offers 77 channels, including several for movies, sports, entertainment, documentaries, cartoons, and education. You can get TrueVision Now Gold package for ฿999 /month. 

This is truly a family package because it offers several family-oriented channels, including True Select, True Shopping, nickelodeon, History Channel, etc. You can share up to 4 screens with the True Vision Now Gold package.

TrueVision Now Premium

TrueVision NOW PREMIUM, which includes 43 premium channels, costs 449 baht per month. It is a package for sports fans who enjoy watching live action.

There are six top sports networks available. Additionally, it offers premium True Visions channels with more than 3,800 variety channels, documentaries, cartoons, movies, TV shows, 10 Thai subtitles, and news.

You can enjoy Live sports, including NFL, Golf, Tennis, Snooker, Badminton, etc. Additionally, you may take in top-notch live events like the Super Bowl halftime performance and the Oscars.

Sports events, including the FA Cup, Europa, UEFA Champions League, and the most well-known leagues, may be watched on the beIN1 & beIN3 channels.

TrueVision Now Standard

The TrueVision NOW STANDARD bundle, which includes 34 premium channels, costs 249 baht per month.

It is a package that gives viewers of entertainment shows, variety shows, documentaries, cartoons, and international news an extra degree of enjoyment when watching different networks.

In order to watch the FA Cup, Europa, UEFA Champions League, etc., you may also watch sports networks like beIN1 & beIN3.

TrueVision Now Lite

25 premium channels are included in the TrueVision NOW LITE subscription, which costs 119 baht per month. You can stream more than 800 titles per month on 7 channels, including Thai, Western, Asian, and Asian-themed television shows.

Additionally, you may watch lifestyle channels, documentaries, and animated shows on channels like Asian Food Network, TLC, Love Nature, True Spark Play, and others, as well as live sports like golf, tennis, snooker, and many other sports.

True Premier Football HD

True Premier Football HD is an add-on channel allowing you to watch 380 live matches anywhere on your preferred streaming devices. You can subscribe to the package for 399 baht per month.

beIN Sports

European club competitions and top leagues worldwide, including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League, are all included in TrueVisions’ beIN Sports add-on package.

You can watch beIN Sports at a monthly cost of 199 baht and enjoy the FA Cup along with top leagues, including Ligue 1, France, Serie A, Italy, La Liga, Spain, Scottish Premier League, etc.

Platinum HD

This is the ultimate sports lovers plan of TrueVision. Starting from 2155.15 baht per month, you can enjoy several sports, including American Football games, English Premier League.

UEFA Championship, tennis, golf, Moto GP motorcycle racing, F1 racing, UFC cage fighting, badminton, snooker, rugby, and many more sports are available on it. 

What Other Sports Can You Watch on TrueVision?

TrueVision has official streaming rights to several major international leagues, including the NFL, Thai League, J1 League, Premier League, etc. In addition to football, you can watch various other sports on TrueVision.

The following is the list of sports that you can enjoy with your TrueVisions channel True Sport’s subscription:


  • Thai League T1
  • Thai League 2
  • Thai FA Cup
  • Thai League Cup
  • Premier League
  • J1 League
  • J2 League

American Football

  • National Football League (NFL)


  • National Basketball Association (NBA)


  • BRIC Superbike Championship
  • Thailand Super Series


  • Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Mixed Martial Arts

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship

Other Channels to Watch NFL 

TrueVision offers 9 channels to enjoy all kinds of Sports. TrueVision has official broadcasting rights to NFL in Thailand. However, if you don’t want to watch NFL on TrueVision, there are several other channels that you can try.

National Football League has partnered with several streaming services and channels worldwide to broadcast its games. The following are some of the channels where you can watch almost all the NFL games live:

  • Watch NFL on Mola TV
  • Watch NFL on TVP Sport
  • Watch NFL on Fox Sports
  • Watch NFL on TV Azteca
  • Watch NFL on Sport 5
  • Watch NFL on Sky Sports
  • Watch NFL on Spark Sports
  • Watch NFL on G-Sports
  • Watch NFL on Coupang
  • Watch NFL on Rai
  • Watch NFL on NTV
  • Watch NFL on Star Plus

Devices that Support TrueVision

TrueVisions’ app and website are compatible with most streaming devices. This makes watching your favorite sports or movies easier on the channel.

TrueVision also offers a streaming service called TrueVision Anywhere which is also compatible with many streaming devices.

But since TrueVision is only officially available in Thailand, we suggest using a trusted VPN to unblock the services’ channels in any other country.

ExpressVPN is compatible with most of the streaming services mentioned below. You can choose any streaming device to watch NFL on TrueVision.

The following are the devices supported by TrueVision:


Streaming media players

Game consoles

Smart TVs


FAQs – TrueVision

How many NFL games can I watch on TrueVision?

TrueVision has an agreement with the NFL to broadcast seven NFL games every week in Thailand via the True Sport HD channel.

Can I get the NFL Sunday Ticket on TrueVision?

No, you cannot get the NFL Sunday Ticket via TrueVision. The NFL Sunday Ticket is only available through DirecTV in the United States. But you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket in Thailand using ExpressVPN.

What is TrueVision Now, and can you watch NFL on TrueVision Now?

Streaming service TrueVisions NOW is of the finest quality. You can view movies, television shows, live sports, documentaries, lifestyle programs, cartoons, and news in Thailand and overseas. Three packages are available for you to watch, with the starter bundle offering 25 premium channels.

The standard/premium package also includes 2 new channels introduced via the TrueID application. When online, the True ID website and TrueID TV sets are accessible from anywhere at any time.

How many devices can I watch NFL on TrueVision Now?

Through the TrueID app, you may watch TrueVisions NOW. You can use up to two devices simultaneously with the TrueID website and TrueID TV box. Different TrueVision packages offer various numbers of connections.

Can you watch Thursday Night Football on TrueVision?

Yes, you can watch Thursday Night Football on TrueVision. You can also enjoy Sunday Night Football Games, Monday Night Football Games, and several playoffs.


The most awaited American Football tournament, the National Football League, started its 103rd session on 8 September 2022. The season finale is expected to be held on 12 February 2023

Thai fans can watch NFL on TrueVision, a satellite and cable channel provider in Thailand. TrueVision offers several sports channels, including True Sport HD, where you can watch seven NFL games per week.

You can enjoy Sunday Night, Monday Night, Thursday Night, and major Playoffs on the True Sport HD channel.

Unfortunately, TrueVision is only available in Thailand due to licensing agreements. If you want to watch NFL on TrueVision in other countries, you must subscribe to a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, that can bypass the restrictions.


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