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Five Most Crushing NFL Defeats of All Time 

Sunday, June 23, 2024


Step into the world of NFL heartbreak as we uncover the Five Most Crushing NFL Defeats of All Time. We will discuss some of the worst experiences that the teams went through.

Their agony, the drama, and the unforgettable moments which left fans stunned and teams shattered on the ground. But do you know what makes a defeat truly crushing?

It’s when a team’s last shot at glory slips away, or when they lose by a huge margin. Sometimes, a team snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.  

Join us as we relive five of the most gut-wrenching sports defeats. In the wild world of the NFL, victories are celebrated, but losses? They can haunt you forever.

1. 1940 NFL Championship: Bears 73, Redskins 0


Source: Chicago Bears

Let’s go back to December 8, 1940, in Washington, D.C. It was the NFL Championship Game between the Chicago Bears (8–3) and the Washington Redskins (9–2).

The Griffith Stadium was jam-packed, with over 36,000 excited fans, all set for the final clash. The last time they met, the Redskins won, and their owner, George Preston, labeled the Bears as “crybabies” and “quitters.”

Well, that fired up the Bears big time! Led by Coach George Halas, the Bears played like never before. They didn’t just win; they crushed it, scoring a massive 73-0 victory! It was a game that stunned everyone who watched.

What made it even cooler was how the Bears brought back a special strategy, called the T-formationIt later became super popular in football. The 1940 Chicago Bears made history with an epic championship win.

They had six Hall of Famers on their team, including quarterback Sid Luckman.

2. Super Bowl XXIV: 49ers 55, Broncos 10


Source: San Francisco 49ers

In Super Bowl XXIV, the San Francisco 49ers left football fans stunned with their 55-10 win over the Denver Broncos. Their jaw-dropping 45-point lead is also the largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl game!

The 49ers made history with an incredible 55 points, the most ever scored by one team in a Super Bowl game. Led by quarterback Joe Montana, who bagged his third MVP award, the 49ers lit up the field. 

Montana’s incredible performance included five touchdown passes, showcasing his chemistry with star receiver Jerry Rice.

Despite the Broncos’ tough loss, they bounced back in later years, ending the NFC’s winning streak in the 1997 Super Bowl. But that day, it was all about the 49ers making history with their unforgettable victory. 

3. December 4, 1976: Rams 59, Falcons 0 


Source: Atlanta Falcons

On December 4, 1976, the Los Angeles Rams delivered a devastating blow to the Atlanta Falcons in a historic game in Los Angeles. The Rams showcased their absolute dominance on the field with 59-0

The Rams’ offense was led by Lawrence McCutcheon who threw three touchdowns, and they scored a total of six rushing touchdowns. Even backup quarterback James Harris contributed with an incredible 80-yard touchdown pass to Dwight Scales.

The Los Angeles Rams completely crushed the Falcons’ offense, limiting them to a mere 81 yards in total. The Falcons only managed to gather 22 passing yards, 59 rushing yards, and just four turnovers. Talk about a defensive powerhouse! 

This victory wasn’t just significant; it was monumental, as the Rams shattered their franchise record with 59 points scored in a single game.

4. October 18, 2009: Patriots 59, Titans 0


Source: CBS News

In 2009, the Titans kicked off their season in a rough spot, losing their first five games straight. Their luck didn’t improve in Week 6 when facing the Patriots. 

Tom Brady, on fire, threw a whopping six touchdown passes. Five of these passes came in just the second quarter which is a record till date! The Patriots dominated, leading 45-0 at halftime, another record. 

Even after Brady left the game, his rookie replacement, Brian Hoyer, added insult to injury by scoring another touchdown. The Titans struggled, managing just -7 passing yards for the entire game, the second-worst in the 21st century. 

Despite this crushing defeat, the Titans rallied, winning eight of their final 10 games, but it wasn’t enough to erase this embarrassing moment from the history books.

5. December 9, 2012: Seahawks 58, Cardinals 0 


Source: SB Nation

December 9, 2012 – a day that will forever be engraved in the memories of Seattle Seahawks fans and a nightmare for Arizona Cardinals supporters! 

The Seahawks unleashed a dominating performance and destroyed the Cardinals by a staggering 58-0 margin. The Seahawks won big, scoring their highest points ever. While the Cardinals suffered the humiliation of their worst loss ever. 

Marshawn Lynch led the assault, rumbling for 128 yards and three touchdowns on just 11 carries, a whopping 11.6 yards per carry! Russell Wilson tossed three more scores, completing 78.6% of his passes for a near-perfect 129.6 passer rating. 

Meanwhile, the Seahawks defense, led by Kam Chancellor’s 10 tackles and Richard Sherman’s two interceptions, suffocated the Cardinals, pitching a shutout and forcing eight turnovers (5 fumbles, 3 picks). In a word, it was a crushing defeat for the Cardinals!



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