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Where to Buy Cheap NFL 2024 Jerseys Online

Wednesday, June 12, 2024


The National Football League is one of the most popular football leagues in the United States. The NFL has a worldwide fan base who spend millions to buy the NFL merc, including its jersey, T-shirts, caps, bedding, etc. 

An NFL jersey is one of America’s most widely worn sports uniforms. Any fan may readily find the fitting shirt because there are so many different designs and palettes

A jersey out there will suit your demands, regardless of whether you are an enthusiastic fan who wants to show the world your favorite team or are just searching for something to wear to the game.

The ideal strategy to select the top NFL jerseys is to think about what you want in a jersey.  Different NFL jerseys are available in the markets based on prices, colors, NFL franchises, and authenticity.

In our blog, we are going to discuss cheap NFL jerseys and Where to Buy Cheap NFL 2022 Jerseys Online. Keep reading to know which online store has the best collection with the best prices this year.

Kinds of NFL Jersey

There are different kinds of NFL jerseys available on the market. The following are the top most demanding NFL jerseys that NFL fans love:

1. On-field

On-field jerseys are the highest quality and most sought-after NFL jerseys available in the market. The jerseys are designed to wear in games by professional athletes.

The fabric used to make on-field jerseys uses advanced material and moisture-wicking technologies. The on-field jersey is designed with both fashion and functionality in mind. 

The On-field jersey is stitched jerseys with lettering and twill numbers, making them more exciting for fans. You can expect a professional fit for these jerseys, as sizing is based on numbers.

2. Authentic

Authentic jerseys are another great yet expensive option for fans looking to purchase an NFL jersey. These jerseys are designed while keeping fans in mind. They are similar to on-field jerseys but can be bought at an affordable price. 

The fabric used to make authentic NFL or any football jersey is mid-level; however, they still feature a tailored fit. There are few differences between authentic NFL jerseys and on-field NFL jerseys, and they can be difficult to differentiate at a glance.

Similar to an on-field jersey, an authentic jersey also has lettering and numbers. However, the size follows the standard chart for small, medium, and large. 

3. Replica

If you are tight on budget and still want to support your team in upcoming games, then you can buy replica jerseys readily available in many online stores.

The numbering and lettering on replica jerseys differ from on-field and authentic jerseys, making them easier to identify.

The replica jersey has screen-printed letters and numbers instead of twill numbers and lettering. Replica jerseys are also made of comparatively low-quality material, less durable than stitched options.

However, replica NFL jerseys are of good quality, considering their affordability. They are made of lightweight material and good quality fabric. This category follows a traditional sizing chart, just like authentic jerseys do. 

Top Places to Buy Cheap NFL 2022 Jerseys Online

There are several online stores where you can buy cheap NFL 2022 jerseys online. The following are our top options where you can spend your hard-earned money:



Our top recommendation to buy an NFL jersey is through Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s has an extensive range of sporting goods, including NFL jerseys.

You can find different brands of NFL jerseys in various price ranges. In short, there is something for everyone at the store.

If you are looking for a cheap NFL jersey, then Dick Sporting’s Good has got you. There are many affordable options in the store, with prices as low as $25. Even with a low price range, they don’t compromise on the quality of their jerseys.

In addition to good quality products, Dick’s Sporting Goods also provide excellent customer service. Their representative has extensive know-how of the quality and fitting of the jersey, so there is no chance you can get your jersey wrong.


  1. Good quality jersey 
  2. Variety of choices
  3. Affordable options
  4. Smooth and seamless UI
  5. Good customer service


  1. You need to check the price and size carefully



Etsy is another shop if you are looking for a cheap yet good-quality NFL jersey. Etsy is essentially a vintage NFL shop where you can buy good quality classic NFL jerseys from the 90s.

Etsy is primarily a second-hand shop, so the prices are low. You can find various good quality and cheap NFL jerseys by searching specific keywords. Remember that second-hand or used things won’t have the same quality as new ones. 

To be safe, pick the NFL stores at the top of the list with the most current reviews. If you are looking to buy an authentic NFL jersey, we also advise keeping an eye on the NFL shield. If it’s real, the colors won’t just be flat monochromes; they’ll shimmer and shine.


  1. Many alternatives for vintage and retro jerseys are available here
  2. Smooth and seamless UI
  3. There are various limited-edition and rare jerseys
  4. Good fraud prevention system


  1. Carefully check the vendor to avoid fake and low-quality NFL shirts



Lids is a terrific place to begin if you want to purchase brand-new NFL jerseys. The sporting goods store sells youth sizes and jerseys in all 32 team colors for men and women.

Additionally, you can get jackets and other apparel items with your preferred team’s logo on them.

Lids are the most excellent website to buy jerseys for various sports, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA. The company has the widest range of team headgear for men, women, and children, with over 5 million pieces in the store.

In addition to offering a variety of sports apparel, they also sell jewelry and watches, among other things. The most recent designs from companies like Nike®, New Era®, Mitchell & Ness®, and others are available here


  1. Affordable cost.
  2. Excellent jerseys.
  3. They provide a few limited jersey options.


  1. Your jerseys cannot be customized.



A fantastic place to purchase NFL jerseys is Eastbay. They provide excellent customer service and a generous return policy in addition to their wide range. The website is simple to use and offers a wide range of teams, players, and sizes. 

You could still purchase his jersey if your favorite player didn’t return to the league. Eastbay should be your first stop if you seek the finest discounts on NFL merchandise.

You can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money at Eastbay because it carries all the leading brands, like Nike and Adidas. There is no need to browse elsewhere because the online store has the most recent styles and designs.


  1. Free delivery
  2. a reasonable pricing range
  3. For casual clothing, fit can be changed
  4. superior material


  1. Fewer jersey choices



The NFL Shop is the most authentic place to shop the NFL jersey if you are looking for authentic ones. The NFL Shop is best because it is the official shop of the NFL. The online shop offers fans various jerseys with different numbers and colors.

Fans can also buy retro and limited edition NFL jerseys of popular NFL teams and players. You can choose the NFL jersey from classic theme colors to a customized jersey of your favorite player and team.

The NFL Shop has a range of sizes and styles for men, women, and kids. In addition to NFL jerseys, the NFL Shop offers various other NFL merch at discounted prices.

If you want to buy a cheap NFL 2022 Jersey online, we recommend you check the NFL Shop’s discount section or buy it during the sale. You can also customize your NFL jerseys with embroidery or stitched tackle twill numbers and names.


  1. High-quality authentic jerseys are available
  2. Massive range of jerseys and other NFL merch
  3. Free shipping on specific orders
  4. Option to customize your jersey


  1. Expensive to buy unless you buy from sales



Fanatics is an excellent option for you if you want to purchase an original NFL jersey. Fanatics is the world’s largest online store where fans can find all fan gear and collectibles.

All the NFL merch available on Fanatics is 100% original as Fanatics is the authorized distributor of the NFL. Because the products available on Fanatics are authentic, the price range is also high. 

However, if you want to buy cheap NFL 2022 jerseys online, Fanatics is a great option because of its excellent clearance sale.

In the clearance section of the Fanatics, you can easily find all kinds of NFL jerseys, whether authentic Pro-Line, Replica, or the NFL’s Centennial limited edition jersey.


  1. Good clearance sale with affordable option
  2. Authentic NFL merch
  3. Huge range of products
  4. You can also find different kinds of Nike threads


  1. Online chat and customer support are not good.

7. DHgate


DHgate is a go-to place if you are looking for cheap NFL replica options. The DHgate is an e-commerce buyer-to-buyer store located in China. The products available on Dhgate vary in both price and quality. You can buy products for as low as $1.

There are more than 4,000,00 NFL jerseys available on Dhgate with an excellent price range; this sets Dhgate on a higher par than other e-commerce websites. In addition, you can also find high-quality authentic NFL jerseys on flash shales and 50% discounts.

The customer and shipping service of Dhgate is excellent. DHgate has a QC team that ensures your products are certified and packed appropriately so it reaches you in good condition. You can track your order with several partnered courier services.


  1. Huge selection of the NFL jersey
  2. Excellent price range
  3. Good customer service
  4. Warehouse in major European countries and the US


  1. You have to ensure that the buyer is authentic
  2. You must carefully check the authenticity and reviews of the product

8. Alibaba and Aliexpress


Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce stores in the world, where you can find high-quality products at low and wholesale prices. You can buy excellent quality NFL jerseys from Alibaba at a discounted price.

Alibaba is also an excellent option for purchasing cheap NFL jerseys if you want to set up your own retail business on Amazon. However, you cannot buy a single shirt from Alibaba as it only offers bulk quantities.

Aliexpress is your place to buy cheap NFL 2022 jerseys online if you want to buy a single piece. The website for Aliexpress is mainly designed to make browsing and product sourcing as simple and enjoyable as possible for customers. 

If you’re looking to buy cheap NFL jerseys, you can rely on their services because they have a reputation for being a trustworthy business.


  1. Excellent range of products
  2. Good customer service
  3. Trackable delivery
  4. Affordable price


  1. You must carefully check reviews of the seller and products.

9. Global Sources


The B2B wholesale marketplace Global Sources is another option to get NFL jerseys. It is a wholesale website, but it is one of the best online marketplaces for finding and purchasing various goods, including cheap NFL jerseys.

The service connects worldwide certified suppliers with genuine buyers. The business has a reputable online supplier. Badges are given to these authenticated vendors as proof of their status.

The option of a live chat area is available to make the ordering procedure quick and straightforward.


  1. Affordable price
  2. Good range of products
  3. Authentic sellers


  1. You must carefully check the authentic seller’s badge
  2. No support system for shipping and payment

10. Amazon


Amazon is also a great online marketplace for cheap NFL 2022 jerseys online. The NFL has formally granted third-party businesses a license to use its name.

This indicates that companies other than Nike are legally permitted to use authentic NFL emblems to develop unique new items.

There are brands available on the Amazon marketplaces, such as ICER Brands and OTS, that sell high-quality NFL merch exclusive to Amazon. The brand’s take on NFL merchandise differs from what you will find on the NFL Shop.

If you are looking for premium NFL jerseys within an affordable price range than the ones available on the NFL shop, then Amazon is your go-to place. 


  1. High-quality premium NFL jersey
  2. Great customer support
  3. Authentic NFL logo
  4. Affordable price range


  1. You must check the reviews and authenticity of the seller
  2. Only buy from the brands that we have mentioned

Shopping Tips for Cheap NFL Jerseys

The following are some of our top shopping tips to purchase cheap NFL jerseys online and maintain them:

  • Try not to wash your replica or original NFL jersey excessively. Excessive washing can damage the color and fabric threads and ruin your jersey. 
  • Always buy your NFL jerseys inside out.
  • Try to buy NFL jerseys from online stores that are present in your country because International shipping can cost more than the price of the jersey. 
  • If you are looking to buy a replica NFL jersey, we suggest you stick to amazon’s brands that we have discussed or other authentic resellers on the e-commerce websites. Do not buy from any other stores.
  • If you don’t want to buy a replica and are looking to purchase an authentic NFL jersey, wait for the season’s end and clearance sales on Nike, NFL Shop, Fanatics, etc.
  • Avoid investing in a jersey for a fresh rookie or free agent, as they don’t always succeed.
  • If you are an old NFL fan on the budget, we suggest you buy a classic NFL jersey of the legend. You can easily find them on Etsy or eBay.

FAQs – Where to Buy Cheap NFL 2022 Jerseys Online

Where can I buy a cheap NFL 2022 jersey online in the USA?

You have many options for purchasing NFL jerseys in the United States. You can buy original NFL jerseys from the NFL Shop on sale or use Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Aliexperess, etc., to purchase cheap jerseys. 

Where can I buy a cheap NFL 2022 jersey online in the UK?

You can choose international shipping on NFL Shop or Amazon’s brands if you are in the UK. You can also use Fanatics’ clearance sale to buy cheap NFL jerseys.

Does Alibaba have original NFL merch?

No, it is doubtful for Alibaba or Aliexpress to have official NFL merch. They mostly have good quality and affordable replicas in stores.

How to know if your NFL jersey is authentic?

You can either go along with someone well-versed in wearing the difference or purchase from a licensed vendor, such as the Nike shop for the NFL jersey. Here is a tip: while purchasing your NFL jersey, pay attention to the emblem on the neck. 

If it is authentic, the badge will be made of rubber; if it is not, the jersey is probably not. Additionally, look at the stitching along the jersey’s edge; if it is not well done and even, the jersey might not be authentic.


The NFL has a worldwide fan following, making its merch a hot commodity among fans. There are many options and stores where you can buy cheap NFL 2022 jerseys online. 

Some of the best options to buy NFL jerseys are discussed in our guide. We have tried our best to include all kinds of online stores so that you can buy your favorite type of NFL jersey, an original or a replica, at your preferred price range. 



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