How to Watch NFL on Sling TV From Anywhere



Sling TV is the best for watching the NFL 2022–2023 season games live. Sling TV’s subscription package, Sling Blue, gives you access to FOX, NBC, and the NFL Network.

You can stream almost all the NFL on ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and ABC games on ESPN3, such as Monday Night Football on ESPN, exclusive games, news, replays, and expert analysis on NFL Network.

While watching every touchdown, every game Sunday afternoon on NFL RedZone, and every ABC game on ESPN3.

Sling TV gives you access to more than 40 live channels, along with three simultaneous connections and 50 hours of cloud DVR. With Sling Orange, you get 31 channels, including three ESPN channels, the Disney Channel, MotorTrend, and Freeform. 

It is the perfect package for NBA coverage and families. However, Sling TV is only available in the US, Canada, and Spain. If you live outside these regions, then you won’t be able to access the service, and the only way to do so is via a reliable VPN.

We recommend using ExpressVPN to watch NFL on Sling TV because it effectively circumvents geo-restrictions while keeping you safe and anonymous

How to Watch NFL on Sling TV

Sling TV is a premium streaming service with the ability to stream live TV channels online rather than using traditional cable TV.

With Sling TV, you can experience a whole world of entertainment, including news, sports, comedy, movies, documentaries, and much more.

Below are the simple steps to watch NFL on Sling TV:

Step 1: Download ExpressVPN (our #1 VPN choice) on your device

Step 2: Sign up for ExpressVPN with your credentials

Step 3: Connect to the US (e.g., New York) server


Step 4: Go to the Sling TV website


Step 5: Click on Sign in


Step 6: Search for NFL games on ESPN or NFL Network


Step 7: Stream the game and enjoy!


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Which NFL Matches Can You Watch on Sling TV?

Sling TV has a massive lineup of sports channels where you can stream almost any sport, including the NFL. You can watch NFL games live with all the official broadcasters, such as ESPN, ABC Games, NFL Network, and others. 

You can catch the preseason games and all the live 2022–2023 season games. Do not miss Monday Night Football, every touchdown, Sunday afternoon, and every game live.

Besides live sports, you will also get sports news, replays, professional analysis, and exclusive documentaries.

Sling TV airs FOX, NBC, and other sports channels in the Sling Orange packages and lets you watch live American football games. Sling Orange is the best option to get all NFL channels as it comes with ESPN coverage, but Sling Blue has NFL Network too.

How to Subscribe to Sling TV from Outside the US

Accessing Sling TV outside isn’t the tricky part. You might struggle with how to pay for your Sling TV subscription with a credit card or other US-payment method

But there is no need to worry because we are here for you. You must sign up for an account on either the Amazon App Store, the Google Play Store, or the US App Store. 

Once you have set up your account, try to find an outlet reselling the associated US Apple, Amazon, or Google Gift Cards. These gift cards will be in the US version and thus cannot be tracked back to you since they will work with your provider. 

Sling TV Pricing and Packages

Sling TV mainly offers two packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Both packages are priced the same. Both the packages come with different channel lineups, and if you want to add any other channel specifically, you can check the add-ons.

Most channels in both packages overlap, while some of the different channels make each one unique. Sling Blue offers up to 3 simultaneous streams, whereas Sling Orange offers only one stream at a time. 

If you do not want to miss any of the channels, you can always merge both Blue and Orange and enjoy all 47 live channels on Sling TV. 

Below is a basic breakdown of the Sling TV pricing and packages:

Price No. of Channels Channels
Sling Orange $35 per month 31 AMC, CNN, ESPN, Food Network, TBS
Sling Blue $35 per month 41 USA, FX, El Rey, Viceland
Sling Orange+Sling Blue $50 per month 17 Comedy Central, History, IFC, NFL Network

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Monthly Add-On Bundle Prices:

Sling offers two main bundles to stream live TV content, but if you want, you can always add multiple packages of extra channels to your basic packages. There are also DVR add-ons.

  • Comedy Extra- $6/month
  • Kids Extra- $6/month
  • Lifestyle Extra- $6/month
  • Heartland Extra- $6/month
  • Sports Extra- $11/month
  • Hollywood Extra- $6/month

Sling TV Features

Sling TV is the best option for streaming NFL games. They have some fantastic features that make them different from other streaming services. 

Some of these features are:

1. Broad Channel Lineup

Sling TV is perfect for everyone. It has a wide range of content. Sling TV has everything: sports, entertainment, news, cartoons, and more.

It offers almost every live sports network, such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TBS, TNT, NFL Network, and more. Sling TV offers a wide range of sports, including the NFL, NBA basketball, golf, cricket, NHL, boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling, and many others.

There are many other streaming sports services, but what makes Sling TV different is that it has it all and is also pocket-friendly, with great packages and over 40+ channels.

Sling TV gives you access to every NFL game, including every touchdown, interception, and big play, and you can stream all of this without a cable subscription. You can check Sling TV’s website for more details. 

2. Record Live TV

Sling TV offers you 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, which means you can record your favorite teams’ live games and watch recorded games whenever you like.

Sling TV is supported by all major devices, including Android smartphones, Android/SmartTVs, iPhones, Roku, Xbox, FireStick, and AppleTV. 

Sling also lets you skip through commercials with both DVR Free and DVR Plus. If a 50-hour DVR isn’t enough for you, you can always upgrade your DVR to a DVR Plus and get 200 hours for an additional $5/month.

3. Personalize Your Experience

You can also personalize your TV channel lineup and keep it relevant to your likes and interests and what you enjoy. 

You can select what you want based on your interests. NHL Network, Tennis Channel, beIN Sports, FOX Sports 2, Paramount Network, CMT, Disney Junior, BabyTV, BBC World News, Euronews, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Cinémoi, and many more are available as add-ons with Sling TV. 

4. For Individuals, Not Families

Sling TV offers three simultaneous connections, with Sling Blue, Sling Latino, or Sling International Base subscription plans. 

You can also do a watch party with Sling TV’s new feature. All Sling TV subscribers can join a watch party. Friends and family can join three times, and they won’t need to be Sling TV customers to enter a Watch Party. 

What other sports can you watch on Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most affordable live-streaming services, being one of the cheapest alternatives to cable. The service comes with mainly two packages, Sling TV Blue and Sling TV Orange, both of which have over 30 channels each. 

Channels largely overlap between the two plans, with Sling Orange offering 31 channels, including Disney and ESPN Network, which Sling Blue does not. Meanwhile, Sling Blue offers 41 channels that include FOX, NBC, and others. 

You can also combine both plans to access all 47 channels available on Sling TV. Other than these plans, Sling also offers genre-based mini bundles, such as Kids Extra, Comedy Extra, Hollywood Extra, News Extra, and more.

Below is the channel lineup for both plans:

Sling Orange:

  • A&E 
  • AMC
  • AXS TV
  • BBC America
  • BET
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Charge!
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • Comedy Central
  • Comet 
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3
  • Food Network
  • Freeform

Sling Blue:

  • Bravo
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • Discovery Channel
  • E!
  • Epix Drive-In
  • Food Network
  • Fox (select markets)
  • Fox News
  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fuse 
  • FX
  • NBC* (select markets)
  • NFL Network
  • National Geographic

What Other Sports Can You Watch on Sling TV?

Sports fans can always rely on Sling TV, one of the most extensive live TV streaming services, where you can watch not one but numerous sports streaming services, including those that broadcast NFL games. 

Not only the NFL, but you can also stream other sports, and sports events live with the Sling TV subscription. Do not miss any action and stay connected to the world of sports.

Below are some of the other sports you can watch on Sling TV:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Tennis 
  • American Football
  • Polo
  • Moto GP
  • Golf
  • Snooker 
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • MLS

Devices that Support Sling TV

Sling TV is the hub for all major TV cable channels and the library for numerous hit TV shows, movies, and whatnot.

To access the content across Sling TV, you need a compatible device, an uninterrupted internet connection, and a reliable VPN service.

Sling TV has an app compatible with multiple streaming devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. Other than using the app, you can use your device’s browser to browse Sling TV’s website. 

Before you connect any of your devices to Sling TV, make sure you have a secure VPN connection. ExpressVPN is a safe and reliable VPN service that provides you with the perfect solution to geo-restriction.

Below is a list of devices that support Sling TV:

  • iOS phone
  • Xbox
  • Apple TV
  • Google Nest
  • Amazon Fire TV 
  • Chromecast
  • Fire tablets
  • Vizio smart TVs
  • Most Roku Devices
  • TiVo Stream 4K
  • Android Phone
  • Select LG
  • Samsung 
  • Oculus Go

FAQs – Sling TV

How do I get the NFL on Sling TV?

Sling TV’s plan, Sling Blue, gives you access to FOX, NBC, and the NFL Network. However, you can create your channel line-up with add-ons and extra channels. For example, NFL RedZone is a premium channel that will cost you an additional $10 per month with Sling Blue.

Why is the NFL Network sometimes blacked out on Sling TV?

The service’s blackout rules are set by the sports associations, content owners, leagues, and networks that purchase the broadcast rights. Sling TV’s agreements sometimes require them to black out content for several reasons.

Does Sling TV broadcast the NFL?

The NFL is back on Sling TV, and you can stream every touchdown, big play, and interception on Sling TV.

Is the NFL Network on Sling TV free?

Sling Blue subscribers will automatically access the NFL Network, while NFL RedZone is only available as a “Sports Extra” add-on for an extra $10 per month.

Can I watch the Super Bowl on Sling?

To watch the Super Bowl, you’ll need to subscribe to Sling TV Blue because this is the only plan that offers all the sports channels, such as NBC, NFL Network, FX, and MSNBC.


Sling TV is a premium streaming service that allows you to stream live TV channels online. With Sling TV, you get a wide range of content, such as entertainment, news, sports, comedy, movies, documentaries, and much more.

With a single subscription, you can watch NFL on Sling TV, as it has all the channels that broadcast the NFL and gives you access to more than 40 channels along with 50 hours of cloud DVR.

For your ease, we have discussed Sling TV at great length above in our guide. You can watch the games on Sling TV safely.

The only issue is that Sling TV isn’t available outside the United States, so if you live elsewhere, you cannot access it. The only way to do this is by using a reliable VPN. 

Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN, as it is the best at getting around geo-restriction and giving you access, keeps you safe while browsing online, and also hides your IP address from your local ISP. 


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