How to Watch NFL in Singapore (Free and Premium Ways | 2023)



The National Football League is America’s number one football event. The NFL season 22 started on 8 September 2022 and the Super Bowl, the league’s finale will happen on 12 February 2033. 

The NFL will be streamed live on many sports streaming services all over the world. If you are in Singapore, you can watch the game live by two methods, i.e a free and a premium method. 

Unfortunately, there are no official NFL broadcasters in Singapore except for NFL Game Pass which is very expensive. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

You can use a secure VPN such as ExpressVPN to unblock geo-restricted streaming services in Singapore. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice for using both free and premium services because of its advanced security features.

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How to Watch NFL in Singapore for Free

You can easily watch the NFL games in Singapore for free. All you need for streaming the game is a subscription to a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN and a streaming device

You can follow the steps below to watch the NFL in Singapore:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server

Step 2: Go to the OR OR and click on Sky Sports Action NFL


Step 3: Enjoy Streaming!


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Premium Ways to Watch NFL in Singapore

If you are hesitant about choosing the free method of streaming the NFL due to security concerns, then don’t worry. You can watch the NFL using a premium service

Many international streaming services provide live broadcasts of NFL games to their subscribers. However, since there are no official broadcasters of the NFL in Singapore, you can use the US streaming services to watch the game. 

Unfortunately, all the sports streaming services based in the United States are geo-restricted and not available outside of the US. To access them in Singapore, you will need to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN

You can watch the NFL in Singapore on the following US-based streaming services:

1. YouTube TV


Our first live TV streaming service to watch the NFL outside of the United States in Singapore is YouTube TV. YouTube TV is an American Live TV Streaming Service that offers a variety of sports channels to stream at an affordable price. 

YouTube TV  is only available in the United States due to licensing restrictions. If you want to enjoy the NFL on YouTube TV in Singapore, you will need to use a VPN to unblock the service. 

YouTube TV lets you enjoy more than 85 channels with its single monthly subscription. YouTube TV has dozens of channels that live stream the NFL games in the United States, such as CBS, Fox, ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC. 

All of these popular sports channels and several entertainment channels are accessible in Singapore with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.  The subscription fee for YouTube TV is only $64.99/month.

YouTube TV also offers an unlimited DVR cloud storage option so you can record and later enjoy NFL games. In addition, you can also stream YouTube TV on 3 devices at once. This makes it easier to share your account within your circle. 

You can watch Youtube TV on almost all streaming devices, including Android, iOS, Apple TV, FireTV, Chromecast, etc. 

2. FuboTV


Another streaming service to enjoy NFL in Singapore is FuboTV by the use of a VPN. FuboTV is a US-based streaming television service that provides its subscribers with a streaming platform to enjoy entertainment as well as sports through its different subscription plans.

FuboTV offers more than 166 channels including CBS, FOX, NBC, NFL Network, etc. With a FuboTV subscription, you can enjoy Thursday Night Football, Local Sunday Afternoon games, and Football Nights in America.

FuboTV contains more than 120 TV channels to stream both live and on-demand content. The starting FuboTV plan only costs $69.9/month. You can add on NFL Red Zone with Sports Extra for $10.99 per month. 

The plan also includes 1,000 hours of DVR Cloud storage and accessibility to 10 devices for streaming on one account. 

You can watch FuboTV on a variety of devices such as Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TV, iOS mobile phones, Android Mobile Phones, Windows, etc. 

However, since FuboTV is geo-restricted to the USA only, you won’t be able to stream them in Singapore easily. To watch NFL on FuboTV in Singapore, we recommend using ExpressVPN and connecting to its US server.

3. NFL Network 


The last but not the least recommendation for watching NFL in Singapore is NFL Network. It is an American sports-oriented pay television network. You can stream all the live NFL matches as well as their preseason, schedule, event, shows, and all the other things regarding the NFL in one place.

NFL Network’s subscription costs $35 per month but only charges $10 for the first month for new or returning subscribers. If you want to add NFL RedZone to your channel lineup, you will need to get the Sports Extra bundle for $11 per month

In addition, to live streaming of the game, NFL Network also provides access to analysis programs, specials, and documentaries.  

You can watch all the games on NFL Network. On weekdays, it airs Good Morning Football from 7-10 am, and on Sundays, it airs NFL GameDay Morning pre-game show from 9 am-1 pm, NFL GameDay Live from 1-7:30 pm, NFL GameDay Highlights from 7:30-8:30, and NFL GameDay Prime from 11:30 pm–12:30 am.

NFL Network is a cable channel so you will need a US cable subscription for it. However, since US cable is not available in Singapore, you can watch the channel on various streaming sites such as FuboTV, Sling TV, Youtube TV, etc.

But know that you will need a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to access these services as they are only available in the United States. NFL Network is supported by devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Android, and iOS

How to Watch NFL on Mobile in Singapore for Free

You can use your mobile phone’s browsers to watch the NFL on free sports streaming websites. You can also use free sports streaming apps such as Rapid Streamz App. If you don’t want to use your browser to watch the NFL. 

Rapid Streamz app provides live coverage of many sports events, including the NFL. 

However, as both of these methods are free, you must subscribe to a secure VPN like ExpressVPN. A VPN will protect your device against any online risk that you may encounter.

You can watch NFL on your mobile phone for free in Singapore by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download our recommended ExpressVPN on your Device


Step 2: Connect to the US server


Step 3: Go to and select Download app


Step 4: Click Continue   


Step 5: From the list, click NFL


Step 6: Click on NFL once again


Step 7: Click on either NFL Network OR NFL RedZone


Step 8: Select MX Player


Step 9: Click Open Settings


Step 10: Enable MX Player


Step 11: Start streaming!


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List of NFL Broadcasters in Singapore

There are no official broadcasters of the NFL in Singapore. However, you can watch the games on the following channels and services with the help of a VPN:

List of Other Free Streaming websites to watch the NFL for free 

If you want to spend money on using premium sports streaming services then you can enjoy NFL in Singapore on free websites. However, before you continue, we suggest using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN to protect your data. 

The following is a list that we have compiled of the best free websites to stream the NFL in Singapore.


List of Devices to Watch NFL from Singapore

NFL in Singapore is available for free on websites if you prefer not to pay for premium sports streaming services. To protect your data, though, we advise utilizing a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN before moving forward.

Here is a list of the top free NFL streaming websites in Singapore that we have put together. So, you can watch the NFL on many different devices using the above-discussed free and premium ways.

Both web browsers and downloaded applications can be used to enjoy the NFL on these devices. 

The following is the list of devices where you can watch the NFL in Singapore:

Do I Need a VPN to Watch NFL in Singapore?

Yes, you will need a subscription to a secure VPN to watch the NFL in Singapore. Since there are no official broadcasters of the NFL in Singapore, you will need to access US streaming channels and services to watch the games. 

A VPN will let you access geo-restricted sports streaming services in Singapore. This works by masking your actual IP address in Singapore with a virtual American address.

The masked IP address will trick the streaming sites into believing that you are streaming from the United States

Furthermore, even if you choose a free method of streaming that is available in Singapore, you will still need a VPN. That’s because free third-party websites are not safe to use.

By using a premium VPN, you can hide your online activity from your internet service provider. Free websites use ad marketing to generate revenue. These ads can interrupt your live streaming.

With a VPN’s advanced security features and ad-blocking ability, you can save your device from harm. A VPN such as ExpressVPN also secures your identity and data from being leaked by masking your IP address. 

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FAQs- Watch NFL in Singapore

Does NFL Game Pass work in Singapore?

Yes, NFL Game Pass is available to watch in more than 200 countries including Singapore. 

How much does an NFL Game Pass cost in Singapore? 

The price of the NFL Game Pass varies with location. You can subscribe to NFL Game Pass in Singapore by paying $203.99 per year or $51 quarterly for a Pro Plan. 

What are other streaming options to enjoy the NFL in Singapore?

You can watch the NFL in Singapore on many premia and free international sports streaming services such as DAZN, Sky Sports, BBC, etc. However, you will need a VPN to unblock them. 


The National Football League has announced the schedule for its 2022 season. The league was started on September 8, 2022, in Canton, Ohio. The League’s championship game, the Super Bowl will be played on 12 February 2023. 

If you are looking for ways to watch NFL in Singapore, then all you need is to follow our guide. We have discussed both free and premium ways of enjoying the game. 

However, you will need to use a VPN to access the NFL games on premium services as all of them are geo-restricted in Singapore. 

Additionally, you will also need to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN even if you choose a free way. This is to maintain your privacy and protect your identity while streaming. 


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